Book Review…Damaged Gods

When I answered an ad for a caretaker at Saint Mark’s Sanctuary I thought I’d be dusting chandeliers and polishing floors. I didn’t expect to be tricked into a curse, going in debt to a monster, and being forced to take a self-paced “Let’s Learn Magic” course so I can fix a two-thousand-year-old problem.

And that monster?
Not your ordinary, everyday beast.
He has hooves, and horns, and fur on his legs.
But ya know where he doesn’t have fur?
Yeah. There.
Which is fine.
Except he doesn’t wear pants.

Nothing at Saint Mark’s is exactly what it seems.
The entire inside is magic, the hallways upstairs are nothing but parties from the past, and the super-hot guy who lives in the dungeon?
Not human.

My name is Pie and all I want is to be a normal girl with an average life.
I refuse to get stuck in this curse.
I refuse to learn magic to break it.
And there is no way in hell I will fall in love with a monster.

4 stars

This is a lot of world and character building. It tosses a lot of information at you. Helpful information.

Meet the monsters of Saint Mark’s Sanctuary. A place that holds many secrets. So secretive that even the residence don’t know what is going on. What is real? What is myth? What is the curse and how can it be undone?

Pie is alone in the world except for Pia – her unimaginary imaginary friend. She has no one or anything else in the world. So when she sees an ad for a caregiver nearby, Pie jumps at it. Only to find out that she is now trapped with monsters. A hot guy and a monster. A sanctuary that is always changing, a spooky graveyard, and a cottage right out of her dreams. How did this happen? And what happened to Pia? And why did Grant run away so quickly. Not all is lost, the hot sheriff in town seems to like her. So there’s that perk.

Pell is a satyr chimera, with a curse. A two-thousand-year-old curse that can’t be broken. Yet, her is Pie Vita, saying she is going to do it. No one else could, but this girl thinks she can? HA! Good luck, Pie. As the days go and he teaches Pie how the world works here in the sanctuary, he is growing fond of her. In fact, he thinks she’s CUTE! Pell shares the changing hallways of the sanctuary and it’s where they learn a bunch of secrets. He is sure that she is the key somehow. They just have to figure it out. And get rid of that damn sheriff who keeps sniffing around.

I enjoyed this book. I loved the sanctuary. Pell is great and so is Tomas! I’m hot for Tomas for sure. I hope he has a story coming up. Yes, I will be devouring the rest of this series.

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