Book Review…Succubus Bargain

In a world where demons live in hiding among humans, Adeline Pond finds herself in a bit of a bind. Locked out of dreamland, she’s looking for a way to feed without draining humans dry. With her love of baking, Adie may have found her solution. Open a bakery! The joy of sweet treats is the perfect recipe for a demon like her.

But a chance encounter may halt her plans before they start to rise. Somehow, Adie has drawn the attention of three sexy demons, and they offer her one hell of a bargain.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Reverse Harem Serial.
3 Stars

Adie Pond is a succubus, and not a great one. A succubus all the same. Her mentor hasn’t bothered to teach her how to feed off humans, only to skim. It never fills up her energy levels to full. Skimming gives her enough to get by. Then she is found by 3 demons, who are in need of a succus to drain them of their power. When she doesn’t jump at the chance, they scheme a new idea. They will set a trap for her. Only Adie outsmarts them and sets herself up. Not as well as she hoped, but still good.

Slowly Adie tries to learn about herself. Emil, Tobias, and Kellen tempt her to do more than skim off them. The library is packed full of knowledge and little by little Adie is learning about herself.

This is a good story, but I was hoping for more. More steaminess, more something. I wish the 3 demons could teach her more about being a succubus. Show her how things could be if she allowed certain things. It’s not that I don’t like Adie, I do. I like that she has morals. But some of her morals get in the way and she can’t move forward in what she needs/desires.

The writing is smooth and the characters are well written. It’s a good story. With lots of potential for book #2 and beyond. I’m not sure I will read the next book.

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