Book Review…Stone Cold Notes

They called him Stone Cold.

Once upon a time, I called him my pen pal.

When I wrote to Callum Rose five years ago, I never expected a response. He was an up and coming rock star, afterall, and I was just a shy seventeen-year-old. He did write back though, and through hundreds of emails, we became best friends.

Until the day we unknowingly broke each other’s heart.

It’s been three years since our last email. I’m all grown up with a new job at Good Music, and finally have my act together. But then Callum Rose walks in the door, and I’m instantly thrown back to the days when he meant everything to me.

The thing is…he doesn’t know who I am. He’s never seen my face. And this Callum Rose lives up to his stone cold reputation.

That is, until one night, he sees me in another man’s arms, and decides to claim me. Then there is nothing cold about him.

Callum becomes a man on fire for me, introverted, awkward, chubby Wren Anderson. He’s obsessive, possessive, and kind of stalker-y—and I like it…a little too much. The problem is, he still doesn’t know I’m the girl who walked away from him or the reason behind it, and I’m afraid when he finds out, I’ll be right back in the cold again.
3 Stars

Found Julia Wolf on TikTok. She was promoting this book and I thought I’d give it a try.

Callum Rose is a rock star. A certified Rock GOD! Wren is a nobody. Yet they have a connection. Wren used to email Callum letters, never expecting him to respond. When he does, her world turns upside down. For years they talk and plan to meet, only they don’t. Life goes on, things happen. Love doesn’t change for Wren even if her life goes Only years later, their paths cross again. This time for the better. Can there be a happily ever after for them once Wren comes clean about her past?

Finally! Finally, he’ll have a chance to woo Wren, talk to her, hold her – hopefully. Only will she accept him for the Callum she knew and not the one he played? Callum is careful with Wren, she wants to go slow and he’s willing to do anything for her. Slow it is, he will go at a snail’s pace if needed. What about his lifestyle? Will she be good with that? Or will his little Wren shrink and fly away? He won’t let that. Nothing will come between him and his Little Bird. Not again. She was his. MINE! When his family creeps back in will they cause problems again? All Callum wants to do is protect his Wren.

This story was just okay for me. I don’t know if I’ll read the other book in this series. Callum just isn’t for me. He’s a little too obsessive. I would probably walk away from him. The secrets he kept were manipulative. Trying to mold her life. Nope.

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