Book Review…

What might you see if you weren’t distracted by the noise?
As a child, Audrey Markum’s keen eye for detail led to the discovery of a child’s body and the identity of his killer. Now an adult, that early skill has led her to open her own wedding photography business. But even struggling entrepreneurs have to pay the bills, so Audrey also works as a photographer for the Pittsburgh police department. The fact that she has a hearing loss does nothing to slow her down. She might even describe it as an asset.
When Margot Pelletier, a long-respected member of the city’s elite is found dead at the bottom of her home’s sweeping staircase, Audrey is called in to photograph the confusing scene. With millions on the line and a set of siblings definitely down on their luck, there are multiple lines of inquiry to pursue and her friend, Detective Rod Rodriguez finds himself tasked with answering the key question. Did she fall or was she pushed? Audrey is eager to help, for personal and professional reasons.
However, Audrey’s attention is pulled away from the case when she realizes that the child’s killer has been released from prison and invaded her quiet neighborhood. Suddenly, Audrey finds herself fighting for her life as he attempts to settle the old score. Suspense and romance team up in this fast-paced novel that will have the reader rooting for Audrey and perhaps, sharpening their own focus while tuning out all the noise!
4 Stars

I reached out to Ms. Jeffries to attend my upcoming Books Books Books Event this fall. Sadly, she doesn’t live in Pennsylvania anymore. To say I’m bummed is an understatement, especially after I read Seeing in the Quiet.

I could not put this book down. From page 1 I was hooked!!

Audrey has a keen eye for details. Things everyone else would miss, she catches. In her part time she works with the police, looking things over too see what was missed. Hey, it helps to pay the bills in between weddings. Is it glamorous? Nope. It’s a job and money.

When a confusing crime scene pops up Audrey is called in. This isn’t black and white. There’s a lot of grey areas. Why is the main question. Why would this happen? Why would she do this? Why would someone else? Audrey is relying on her keen skills to figure all this out.

Things take a turn when Audrey realizes she might be the prey. Can she figure this out in time? Or will she be the next victim?

Again I couldn’t put this book down. Ms. Jeffries made me part of the story. I was vested in to what was going to happen to Audrey. The need to protect her was strong, but so was the need to know what was going to happen!!!

This is a well-written and planned out book. No leaf was left unturned. Kudos to Linda Jeffries on this amazing book and characters!!

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