Book Review…Bare for the Alpha

I’m new in this Montana shifter town and no one will even so much as a glance in my direction.
My father has made sure of that.
He’s the Sheriff and he’s got three rules:
1. Don’t talk to my daughter.
2. No fighting between crews.
3. See rule #1.
I’m all alone and wishing for someone to look my way.
And then someone does.
A mean-looking grizzly bear shifter named Damon Ridge, and once he sees me, he refuses to look away.
This rough, wild-looking man keeps telling me I’m his mate.
He keeps saying he’s going to claim me.
That I belong to him.
I didn’t realize how possessive a bear shifter could get.
If I knew how obsessed these huge men could be, I never would have come here.
But now that I know how it feels, I’m never going to leave…

Do you like an alpha who snarls in the streets and growls in the sheets? Damon is a dominant Over-The-Top grizzly bear shifter who will have you howling for more.

This hot shifter book is SAFE, with no cheating, and a furry HEA guaranteed.
4 Stars

Another quick hot take! Love it

Montana is new territory for Kinsley. She grew up around shifters, but when a large grizzly shows interest in her – she feels the same way. It’s instant. Within a beat of their heart, they know. And there is no turning back. Kinsley belongs to him.

Damon Ridge is her mate. He knows it, it’s ingrained in him. MATE! HIS. Nothing will stop him, not even her old man – the town sheriff.

Steamy. Very steamy. Once you start you can not put it down. This is a May/December romance. She is 19 and he is 32. My only beef, why is it so important that she be a virgin. When he clearly isn’t.

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