Book Review…Her Alien Farmhand

Can a desperate woman and a lonely alien shifter work together to defeat an unknown enemy?

A new year should be a time for new hope, but this year, Meg finds it hard to be optimistic. Betrayal and bad luck threaten everything she has worked for. And although she would never admit it, she’s lonely on her isolated farm.

During a last, desperate trip to find help, an old friend talks her into a blind date for the year end celebration. Despite her reluctance, the big, quiet alien sparks an almost forgotten desire, and she gives in for one reckless night.

Roardon Is used to being alone. Other species regard his race with fear and suspicion. His brief encounter with a strong, beautiful female leaves him wanting more, but she disappears without a trace.

Then she appears again at the auction for contract workers. When a lack of other options forces her to hire him, he’s delighted at the chance to spend more time with her, despite the suspicion he can see on her face.

But Meg is in more trouble than she knows and the only way to save her may be to reveal his darkest secret – and lose her forever.

This sweet and steamy romance is intended for a mature audience only.
4 Stars
Meg is heading to town for a new farmhand. Her place is falling apart and she needs some help, especially since her brother, Chuck left her high and dry. While in town she goes on a blind date with Roardon. It’s fireworks and amazingness. Imagine her surprise when he shows up at the auction for workers. Of course, she bids on him and takes him home. Because…why NOT?! She needs the help and he looks like he can do it. Meg needs to set a boundary with him, yet her body is a traitor.

Roardon is surprised when he sees Meg at the auction and even more surprised when she wins his work bid and takes him home. He thought he’d never see her again. His MATE. Yet here she is. Her farm is near the mountains and needs a lot of help. Roardon is here to work and that’s what he is going to do. Only when he sees Meg, his inner beast roars to live screaming MATE. Things start to happen at the farm and he’s going to figure out what’s going on.

Fast paced story about Meg and Roardan, a half human, half alien. Meg is determined to make a go of her family farm. The other farm hands weren’t as helpful or handsy at Roardan. She hit a home run with this male!!

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