Book Review…Trained for their Pleasure

I’m a Beta. I’m not supposed to be with an Alpha.
But he’s taking me anyway.
Both him and his brother.
A Beta can be trained, he says.
Trained to satisfy an Alpha.
And so my training begins.

Publisher’s note: Trained For Their Pleasure is a MFM Omegaverse fantasy romance set in the Omega Prey universe.
4 Stars

Hazel lost her husband and is living with her dad, Pike. When an Alpha, Jack appears at her dad’s place her life and his collide forever. She has never wanted another mate, yet she can’t deny Jack and his needs. What she doesn’t expect is to be shared with his brother, Fen – a long-ago memory from her past. Jack and Fen take care of her every need. When war comes to the lands the brothers must go to help. Hazel is beside herself, she lost her first husband to war and doesn’t want to lose these 2 men she loves deeply.

A Beta, not an Omega. It can work, it will work. Jack is certain it will work. He will train her for his pleasure. And for his brother, Fens? Yes, they will share her. Hazel pleases him very much and she matches his energy. His Beta is everything he hoped and dreamed she would be. Will she be ready to accept Fen into the mix too?

This is a MfM story. A deep passionate story of two brothers who share a woman. I didn’t realize this was book #5 in the series, I need to go back and read the other books!! It’s a quick read.

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