Book Review…Looking for a Weegie to Love

Weegie, n. and adj.: A native or inhabitant of Glasgow; a Glaswegian.

Meet Jack Kemp; a 33-year-old, English journalist living in Glasgow. With his older brother vanishing into married life, Jack has put himself at the mercy of dating app Hinge.

Told through 11 short stories, Simon Smith’s Looking For A Weegie To Love – One Man, One App, One Goal offers a glimpse into the realities of being a guy looking for love. Embarrassingly honest, hilarious and raw, Jack Kemp is the male Bridget Jones of the millennial generation.
3.5 Stars

This is a story as old as time, how do you find someone who isn’t crazy, lazy, or a jerk? Will Jack ever find love and happiness?

If you haven’t been in the dating world recently this book isn’t for you. You couldn’t possibly understand how hard it is. Jack goes through the wringer with all his lousy dates. When he’s at the airport and wants to run away, I almost cheered him on. Just do it! It’s not worth it anymore. It’s all crap!

The end of the book left me hanging. I wanted so much more. As much as Jack was looking for someone, he struggled with finding the right person. It was almost like he wanted her to fall out of the sky and that’s that. Life doesn’t work like that Jack – you’ve got to put in some effort. It was interesting to read a dating book in a man’s POV.

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