Book Review…Serpent’s Touch

Mysterious and tragic, Madame Tan’s menagerie is the only home I’ve ever known. It’s a place where two worlds merge, a twilight zone between Earth and the magical Kingdom of Nerifir.
The menagerie is filled with fantastic animals, but I discover that Madame captures and displays sentient beings too.
One of them is locked in a crate day and night, not seen by anyone, and one day I learn why—looking at him kills. Even talking to Kyllen is forbidden, but I break that rule. I break many rules for him.
He wants his freedom and offers me a chance to escape Madame’s cruelties.
Little do I realize that with Kyllen, my heart is in even greater danger than my life.
Can I love a man whom I can’t even see?
This book is part 1 of the duet Serpent’s Touch, set in Marina Simcoe’s world of the River of Mists.
It ends with a HFN (Happy For Now), but the story of the main characters continues in part 2, Serpent’s Claim.
Serpent’s Touch is a Romantic Fantasy with MF romance. It contains graphic descriptions of intimacy and is intended for mature readers.
Stories set in the world of the River of Mists:

Serpent’s Touch
Book 1 – Serpent’s Touch
Book 2 – Serpent’s Claim

Madame Tan’s Freakshow
Book 1 – Call of Water
Book 2 – Madness of the Moon
Book 3 – Power of Rage

You do not need to read the Freakshow trilogy to fully enjoy Serpent’s Touch.
5 Stars

Amira is raised in a menagerie with Madame and her creatures. She is the only human at the menagerie. She’s basically alone, only Radax is her only family. Yet, Madame uses their connection to hurt Radax. Amira can’t bear it anymore. When she stumbled upon a crate filled with a dangerous creature – that is going to be starved, her heart goes out to it. On the sly she slips the male creature water. She is weary of him, rightfully so! She saw what he did to the other bracks!! He tells her tales of growing up in his land and how much fun he had growing up there, and how he ended up with Madame Tan. Then he asks her to help him, to set him free, and to go with him. Can she? Should she?

Being in a crate, left for dead because he wouldn’t give Madame Tan – ex-Goddess extraordinaire – what she demanded. He never would! NEVER! So he’d die in this crate. Until, Amira. She brings him a cucumber, she brings him hope, she brings him water. Amira is a fragile human, that Madame abuses at her whim. Kyllen hates it and wants her to help him escape and go with him. He promises to keep her safe. He promises to keep her with him forever. Will she take the step and trust him? Or will he die alone in this crate?

Ahhh, this story was great. The characters were great. Amira and Kyllen – LOVED! You could feel the love grow between them, the trust, everything. This is my first book by Marina Simcoe, but not my last. I’m patiently waiting for book #2 in this series and it’s true – waiting is the hardest part. I can’t wait to find out what happens between Kyllen and Amira.

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