Book Review…Blurred Lines


I am a monster.

A demon lurking in the darkness.

My whole life has been consumed with making her suffer, the woman that stole everything from me.

I’ve waited seventeen years for vengeance to ruin her like she’s ruined me.

I’m going to take everything she loves before I send her to meet the Grim Reaper.

But I’m not expecting to be captivated by the rich-brown eyes of her daughter.


He’s a monster.

He’s come into my life and taken everything from me. Everything I have ever loved he’s destroyed.

Now he wants to control me. To posses me. To make me his.

I want to fight, but there’s something in his blue stare that engulfs me and makes me his prisoner.
4 Stars

It’s a quick, steamy book. I felt rushed. So much happened in that 114 pages. It was like I fell off the cliff of Insta-Love and skimmed the bottom of the canyon and book over. I wanted more.

Finn is seeking revenge from the woman who took everything from him. Yet, when he comes across her daughter Anissa, he can’t hurt her. He can only love her and keep her as his. Mine. No matter what, she will be staying with him. Prisoner or partner doesn’t matter to him. No one will touch her, besides him.

Watching everything go down at her mom’s house, Anissa is scared for her life. What are these men going to do with her? Whatever it is, isn’t going to be pleasant. Yet, when Finn touches her, she gets butterflies. How does that happen? He’s a brute! He’s crude! He makes her happy.

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