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Tainted Love by Jaimie Roberts

Dark Taboo Romantic Suspense


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At one time you were my reason to breathe,

So immersed in our love, I’m forbidden to leave.

What was once so innocent, we infected with lies,

Sucked deep into the darkness, I can no longer rise.

Troubled souls we are, but I cannot break away,

So loyal to you, I choose to stay.

But I’m harbouring a secret that will tear us apart,

My feelings so strong, I keep following my heart.

One day my betrayal will be revealed,

And that day grows closer with each lie concealed.

I know you will kill whoever gets in your way,

And for that reason alone, I should never stay.

My body is yours, but it will never be enough,

Forever trapped I am in our tainted love.

Warning: This book is filled with triggers. However, if that little imp inside you still wants to read it, then 1-click that bitch, put your feet up with a glass of wine (cos you’re going to need at least one), and enjoy this helluva ride!

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Getting to know your character…

I know it’s been awhile. I apologize. I kind of got in a funk with everything going on around me. I’m trying to crawl out of that hole now and get back to reality. Stay safe.

Now let’s meet your fictional character. There should be things you already know about them, like name and physical description. But what about the rest? You and your character need to sit down and you need to interview them.

Here is a list of questions that might help you flush out your character’s personality. Not all questions will pertain to your character. You have to think about your story/plot and figure out what information is needed. Don’t add things that don’t add to the story.

  1. Family dynamics?
  2. Age?
  3. Married? Divorce? Single?
  4. Job?
  5. Where do they live and with whom?
  6. Habits? Quirks?
  7. Special background? Like military or special ops.
  8. Optimist? Pessimist?
  9. Views on Politics?
  10. Views on Sex?
  11. Views on Marriage?
  12. Views on Religion?
  13. Treatment of other people?
  14. Have they had their heart broken?
  15. Leader? Follower?
  16. Hobbies?
  17. What makes them laugh? Cry? Angry?
  18. Spontaneous? Or a planner?
  19. Pet Peeves?
  20. Describe their personality.
  21. Goals?
  22. Friends?
  23. Prejudices?
  24. Biggest Secret?
  25. Criminal record?

I’m sure there are other questions you can ask. This will at least get your started. It’s important to have a starting point. From there you can branch out and they can fill you in on the rest of the details. Because I’m sure they will have a lot to say as your write the story.

Good Luck!

Break Away

Good Morning!

Today I woke up in a cabin with a roaring fire. Trees all around, no noise other than animals and the crackle of the fire. It is refreshing to get away. I needed a break. I needed a change of pace. I hope this helps.

Mentally I was struggling with everything. Not seeing my family. Not seeing my friends. Wondering what the hell is going on in the world. Things are just crazy. I turned off the news months ago. Tired of the doom and gloom.

I think of the holidays ahead and I will miss my family and the celebrations. It hurts that I won’t see my family. They aren’t tech savvy enough to do ZOOM. I’ve seen my parents a lot. But not my elderly grandma. We write letters to each other. She’s giving me some wit and wisdom. Some is just too funny. She sends me recipes to try and then says bring her some. Leave it outside and call me. I’ll go pick it up. So I’ve done that twice. Now she asked me to bake a pumpkin pie. Ok. I brought everything I need to perfect my pumpkin pie recipe and I”m going to try it out, so that when I get home I can surprise her with a pumpkin pie.

Gigi is sharing her mom’s recipes with me. It’s amazing to see fry this in bacon lard. Keep your bacon lard and strain it thru cheese cloth. Save for future use. Leave it on your counter covered with cheese cloth and use when you need to fry something up. So I now have a mason jar of bacon lard on my counter.

She’s also taught me how to do some minor sewing through her letters. I’m working on stockings for Christmas that will be hand beaded. They are kits, she has 6 great grandchildren. We are making 1 for each, they are all different and she is going to stuff them with goodies from Santa. 🙂

Its great to slow down and enjoy this time. And I’ve learned a good lesson. I don’t need to always be on the go. I need to chill and relax and enjoy the little things that came from the past.

Ok – back to reading. I’ll keep you posted!

Book Review…Tyrant Twins

I’d kill my own brother to have her…

I’m in love with my stepsister. Unfortunately for me, so is my twin brother.
But I’m not letting him have her. June is mine. MINE.
And I’m going to own her, even if it means hurting the one I love most – my other half.

My stepbrothers and I have been torn apart because of the inheritance our parents left us.
I didn’t ask for the money, but it’s mine now. And they both hate me because of it.
But I’ve loved one of them in secret for years…

I’m the bad seed. The black sheep. And I’m sick of being looked down on.
One way or another, I always get what I want. And what I want is my sweet, angelic stepsister.

Tyrant Twins is a full-length, STANDALONE dark romance novel from USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Isabella Starling. This is NOT a menage romance.

4 stars

This is the story of June, Kade, and Parker – a blended family.

June’s mom married Kade and Parker’s dad. They built a company from nothing. Their children grew up together, as family. Parker protected June, Kade made her cry. Then dad died, followed by mom, and the family broke apart.

Desperate for her family, June keeps reaching out to the twins. Hoping to reconnect. But the past keeps haunting them all. Family first. They are FAMILY! FAMILY. None of them can let that go. Or can they? Long-buried secrets are flushed out, causing more pain than healing.

Kade and Parker form a plan to get their family money and company back from June. It sounded so good in their head. In action, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. Can it be derailed before it’s too late? Or will June still be hurt?

Ok, the start of this book was all hot and broody. I was in DEEP! I was up at 3 am this morning to read the book. To figure out what the hell was going on. The twists, the shifts, the shimmy shakes in the story left me speechless and I needed to shut the book and walk away for 5 minutes before I had to go back under. 24 hours of reading my friends, because I couldn’t put it down.

So why only 4 stars and not 5. Thanks for asking. While I did like the story some of it was predictable. I don’t want to spoil it for new readers. Good vs Evil. The epic tale as old as time. I wasn’t a fan of June either. I wanted her to be a ball buster. I wanted a 3some. Nope. She was a mouse, unless there was a d1ck in her. Which I can respect.

New book…This Ain’t Love

This Ain’t LoveBDMC: Second Generation, Book 1By: A.M. Myers (https://www.facebook.com/authorammyers/)
Photo by: Wander AguiarCover by: Daqri Bernardo @ Covers by Combs

Quick-witted and sharp-tongued radio DJ, Isabelle Hutton, isn’t afraid to own her sexuality. She loves sex and won’t apologize for it, but the moment any man starts to get too close or develop feelings, she’s gone. She likes her life just the way it is and refuses to make room in it for anyone or anything else.

Former police detective and member of the Bayou Devils MC, Diego Rodriguez, is as lost as a man can be. After a long line of hits that knocked him on his ass, he’s given up on his dream of finding love and having a family of his own. Instead, he buries himself in work to forget all he’s lost and everything he’ll never have.

When Izzy stumbles onto something she wasn’t meant to see and an attempt is made on her life to shut her up, she turns to the Bayou Devils for protection, thrusting the two of them together. As Diego takes over her case, trapping them under the same roof, the chemistry between them explodes but Izzy is keeping a secret from Diego that will change his entire life.

Can he keep her safe from the man hunting her and do what it takes to make her his? Or will she be just another hit to his battered heart – one that could take him out for good this time?
Pre-Order your copy here >> readerlinks.com/l/1380197