Book Review – Violet


I knew it would happen. I knew I’d meet her. The one. My one. I just didn’t know how it would manifest itself. For me, it was like this: My heart stopped beating for a second or two. Then, it started back up but in double time. I felt a little short of breath. I had to put my hand on something to keep myself from falling over so I leaned on the fireplace mantel at my big brother’s house. That’s where I first saw her. Spoke to her. Fell in love with her. Violet.
Unfortunately, it would take me longer than a day to convince her to trust my feelings. Hell, to trust me. My sweet Violet has a story. A not-so-good story. A story I wish I could go back in time and beat the ever-loving shit out of. Maybe fate will help me out. I mean, she brought me to my girl, maybe she’ll even let me slay Violet’s demons for her. Because I would. I’d sleigh anyone or anything if it means she could trust me. Love me. Hell, give me anything.

This series of novellas is about five sisters, their relationships with one another, and their crazy love lives. The books are short, sweet, and oh, so dirty.

Each book is a standalone with an HEA. You don’t have to read them in order but it helps because the stories overlap and intertwine.
**This book contains sensitive topics that some may find upsetting.**
Due to coarse language and sexual content, suitable for readers 18+

Note: These stories are for those of you who, like me, believe in love at first sight. I knew it when I met my husband and the very moment I held my daughter. It’s a thing. I swear.


Feet Under Books!

3.5 Stars

This is the first book of the Palmer Sister’s I’ve read.

Violet is a great character, she is fighting for her life. Years ago, she was a victim, no longer. Now Violet is taking back her power and is going to live her life. With the help of Eric, she can manage anything.

The reason I loved this book is Eric. He is patient, kind, loving, hard worker, etc. He is just what Violet needs. Because as Keely said, Vi is like an onion, she has many layers, some are sweet and some are sour, but Vi is a Vidalia onion. Eric goes slow with her, lets her set the boundaries, lets her lead the relationship.

With that being said, I think Vi was perfectly fine being alone with her animals because Eric and Vi wouldn’t communicate for a week. I know the phone works both ways, however, he was letting her set the pace. I’m not sure I would have waited around for Vi. Yeah, she’s nice, she’s great even, but she lives in her head to much.

The writing style was good, characters were plentiful. I don’t think I’ll go back and read the rest of the Palmer sister’s books. I met enough in this book to know, I’m good.


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Book Review – Bittersweet

30296362 (1)The new series is set in Vermont. True North is populated by the tough, outdoorsy mountain men that populate the Green Mountain State. They raise cows and they grow apples. They chop a lot of wood, especially when they need to blow off steam. (Beards are optional but encouraged.)

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the orchard.

The last person Griffin Shipley expects to find stuck in a ditch on his Vermont country road is his ex-hookup. Five years ago they’d shared a couple of steamy nights together. But that was a lifetime ago.

At twenty-seven, Griff is now the accidental patriarch of his family farm. Even his enormous shoulders feel the strain of supporting his mother, three siblings, and a dotty grandfather. He doesn’t have time for the sorority girl who’s shown up expecting to buy his harvest at half price.

Vermont was never in Audrey Kidder’s travel plans. Neither was Griff Shipley. But she needs a second chance with the restaurant conglomerate employing her. Okay—a fifth chance. And no self-righteous lumbersexual farmer will stand in her way.

They’re adversaries. They want entirely different things from life. Too bad their sexual chemistry is as hot as Audrey’s top secret enchilada sauce, and then some.

Feet Under Books!

5 Stars of Amazingness!

Griff, Griff, Griff, Griff, Griff! Yummy! My new book boyfriend. Yes, you want to read him too, because he is freaking amazing. I wish I could swing by Amazon and pick him up! Oh, wait I did.

Griff and Audrey know each other from college days. He remembers her as a winding road on a hot summer day. Yet, she disappeared before it all began. Imagine his surprise when she shows up on his farm. It’s like they never separated. They fall back into the same easy give and take as college. Only Griff has more on his mind than football. He is now running his family farm and orchard. He’s hoping to make a splash in the cider world and in Audrey’s life too. She’s only in Vermont for her job, then she’ll go back to Boston. How can Griff make her stay? Does she want too? He wants her in his bed every night, waking up to her in the morning. When things go south, he has to fight for what he wants and that is Audrey – no matter what!

Being a chef is all she ever wanted. Yet her job keeps sending her on errands to run, pick up organic produce for pennies on the pound. This is not what she wants to do. A girl’s got to start somewhere. When she runs amuck on Griff’s farm, she isn’t prepared for him and the response her body gives. They hooked up in college, nothing more. It was just a fling. Or was it? The more time she spends with Grumpy Griff and his family, the more she falls in love with them all. This is the family she has always craved. Griff warms her bed at night and during the day she rides around the countryside looking for produce. When she is called back to Boston for work, she leaves without a goodbye. Does she want a life with Griff in rural Vermont? What about her dream of being a chef?

Untitled design


I fell in love with Griff from the moment I read him. OMG! You need to read him. Give him a gentle try. He’ll be patient and understand. WOW! What a man. You will fall for him too, I promise. I love the writing in this book, I love the characters, even the secondary cast and crew. Thankfully I don’t have to wait for another book, because this book is #1 in the series! SQUEEE, so excited. Super excited. Um, yes I will be reading the rest of the books in the series.


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Book Review – Ford’s Fate

43175277As a young vampire, Ford had experienced more than those much older than him. The love of his life left him. He fell for his best friend. People he considered friends were killed. Blood was on his hands.

Through it all, he never forgot his first love. The one who stole his heart then shattered it when he least expected.

When Sienna left Ford and mated with another, she thought she’d found her companion for eternity. Except, her life didn’t play out that way. Her mate was killed, leaving Sienna a shell of the shifter she once was.

Ford wanted Sienna back, but the choice had to be hers. Then her life was in danger, and his plans changed in an instant. All that mattered was keeping her safe.

Reaching a crossroad, they were helpless to fate’s plan. Ford was left standing before Sienna, wearing his heart on his sleeve, waiting to see what she’d do next.


Feet Under Books!

3.5 stars

I had a hard time getting into the book, but once I did, it was enjoyable.

Sienna and Ford are fighting a losing battle. The battle of Love.

Sienna feels guilty over losing her mate, Eli and possibly having another mate, Ford. It doesn’t seem fair to her. Yet, when Ford needs her Sienna is there for him, take care of him, protecting him, and loving him. Is it all too late when she realizes how much she does love him? She can’t let go of the past to step forward into the future. Is she ready to embrace her future? Or will the ghosts of her past keep dragging her under?

Ford’s life is hollow without Sienna. He’s alive, but not feeling. He’s a walking vampire, with no desire for life. He feeds because he has too. He lives because his brother Sol won’t leave him the hell alone. Ford is just existing. When she steps back into his life, is Ford ready? Is Ford willing to take the scraps Sienna is willing to offer or would it turn into something better?

This book tore at my heart. I felt terrible for Ford and what he was dealing with. As for Sienna, I was annoyed with her because of her back and forth. Her feelings are obvious, but she doesn’t trust herself and lets the influence of others override her choices. Some parts I felt like were a repeat of what Sienna had just gone over, it got redundant. Otherwise, I did enjoy the store, the characters, and the writing. I will continue on with this series.


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Book Review – Dangerous Passions


Shelby Martin’s life is as dry, dull and dusty as the artifacts with which she works, but all that changes when she accepts a dare by her friends: pick up a sexy stranger for one unforgettable night of uncharacteristic passion.

Josh Nichols is a no-nonsense vice cop used to the seedier side of Baltimore. When he’s picked up in a bar by Shelby, he realizes the move is out of character for her—and is immediately surprised at the instant chemistry between them. He doesn’t count on her disappearing after one hot night—before he gets her full name or even a phone number.

Neither of them had expected to see the other again—or to have their worlds turned upside down when they’re thrown together as a result of a crime at Shelby’s museum. Can two people from completely different worlds look beyond suspicion and build a relationship from one night of unprecedented passion? Or will those differences pull them apart…especially when there’s someone else who wants nothing more than to see Shelby fail?

Feet Under Books!

5 Stars

On one of my many book adventures I met Lisa B Kamps at an author event and picked up this amazing book. I’m so glad that I did! I love it.

Shelby is dared to pick up a random stranger from the bar. The instant her eyes land on Josh, she knows he is the one she wants to pick up and she needs to move fast before her friend swoops in. That one night with Josh sends her reeling. It was just what she needed at this moment in her life. Then her life comes to a halt when things go missing from the museum she is working at and Josh shows up. Between David her ex, who runs the museum trying to frame her for the theft and Josh trying to figure out the crime and woo Shelby – she’s a mess. A glorious mess in Josh’s bed.

He knew this girl was going to be remarkable. Yet when he woke up on his boat alone, he was disappointed. He had no way of contacting her. Until Josh walked into her work to babysit the agencies there to help figure out who stole the artifacts. Once he had her in his sight, he didn’t let go. Slowly, but surely he wears Shelby down and things heat up between them. He knows he wants her in his life, but does she want him in her life? And what about David and the museum case? Can he figure it out in time?


From the moment they meet you can feel the chemistry between Shelby and Josh. They are like magnets pulling each other together. He’s never had a serious relationship and she’s gun shy about the entire things. When Shelby sees Josh in all his glory, authority, oozing power she is a quivering mass of NEED.  I really feel like they should have a name too – like JoShel or ShelJo – something cutey like that.

The characters are great, they work together. Shelby could be any of us at this point. And Josh, yeah, he’s the guy we all dream about having one day.  God pick up this book you will not be disappointed!!


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Book Review – Three Alpha Romeo – Krista Wolf

45169315We shared the same grim goal: the destruction of Xander Kyrkos. It was only a matter of time before we shared each other…

Two gorgeous Navy SEALS, with the same grim vendetta. A strapping Army Ranger on a mission of unimaginable vengeance. They saved me from my own destruction. Took me under their wing… and then into their beds, as well.

Now they share me together, mind, body, and soul. As girlfriend. As lover. As the partner who binds them, writhing helplessly beneath their panty-dropping good looks and dripping hot touch.

Holden is the square-jawed leader, strong and beautiful, tormented by an inescapable past. Randall is the pilot – a total loose cannon – sharp-tongued, tattooed, and devilishly handsome. Finally there’s Marcus, the silent giant with a chest and shoulders to die for. An ex-Army Ranger turned dark mercenary, struggling desperately to right his wrongs.

Four damaged people, bound by the same promise of revenge. Coming together after having our lives shattered by three horrific events… forged by the fires of tragedy and passion, into unstoppable weapons to accomplish our ultimate goal.

Can one girl be this insanely lucky? And can four lost souls pull love – and a sizzling hot reverse harem arrangement – from the dark depths of utter despair?

THREE ALPHA ROMEO is a sizzling, stand-alone military reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and sweltering MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, hot enough to melt your kindle. HEA guaranteed!


6 Feet Under Books (1)

4 Stars

Four lives forever entwined due to one very bad man.

Andrea is searching for the man who killed her father. She is so close to finding him, so close to ending this nightmare. Only to have him slip out of her grasp. Needing to escape quickly she is befriended by two men looking for the same man, Xander Kyrkos – with the same plan as Andrea. Find and destroy. It’s not long for Andrea to fall into a routine with the two guys, in bed and out of it.

Holden & Randall are ex-SEALS. They’ve been in battle more times than they can count. They’ve also shared a lot of things. Even women. So when they share Andrea it’s no big deal to them, no jealousy, no greed, just lust. But they can’t lose their main focus – Xander. He screwed them over and killed half their men, just because. Now it was time for paybacks.

Marcus, Army Ranger, finds Andrea and the two men. It’s not hard. He is an ex-employee of Kyrkos and has details that the others don’t. He’s also on the run from the Indigo gang because he left them. Andrea remembers him from her night at Kyrkos’ house. It was Marcus! All 3 men fall into an easy rhythm of life with Andrea and each other. Their main goal is to find Kyrkos and destroy him. But what happens when Xander kidnaps Andrea and figures out who she is? Can her 3 men find her and save her in time?

This is a face paced book, with lots of action – fighting and sexual action. The plot of the book was good, the ending surprised me because usually, that’s not what happens. But this is a book and you can end it how you want. I think out of all her men Marcus is my fav, then Holden, and finally Randall – he’s crazy.

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