Book Marketing Idea…

Your book is done.  It’s been through the editors, the beta readers and now you are releasing it to the masses.  Congratulations on all your hard work.

Now how do you get it to your readers?

There are always bloggers who are willing to help.  You just need to know where to turn.  Check out Facebook and search Bloggers.  An entire list will come up.  Check out their pages and see if they accept your genre.   If they do you might want to PM them and offer them an ARC of your book.  This is a good way to get book reviews – other than the 5 star reviews your momma gave you.  Yeah, we know all about that.

Start small – have some bloggers help you with a Cover Reveal.  Get your cover out there, because yes, this is how people will see your book first.  I can’t stress enough how important the cover is.  Yes, yes, don’t judge a book by the cover.  But if the cover is boring, why pick it up?!   Once that is done.  Several days later post a teaser from the book.  A week later an Excerpt from the book – make it a good one!  Do you see what’s going on?  Keep your book at the forefront of the readers.  They will remember it.  So in another week’s time when you do the PreOrder, they will be pumped over everything.  When the Release rolls around, fingers crossed you get some nibbles.

Another great way would be – if your story is set in a particular city.  Let’s say Philadelphia.  (It’s what came to mind first!)  Do a search on all the Indie book stores in that area.  Indie Bound  Reach out to those book stores.  Send them a blurb of your story and maybe the first few chapters if you can, so that you can HOOK them!!!!  Ask them if they’d be interested in selling your book that is set in their city.  At worst, you’ll hear nothing.  But, at least you are trying to get your book out there.

Dear Sir/Madam;

Hello.  My name is Author DuJour and I recently wrote a book based in Philadelphia.  I would love to sell my book in your book store.  Please see the attached email for the first 5 chapters.




Author DuJour

I believe in keeping emails simple.  Get to the point, don’t waste time.  State who you are and what you want.  Cut and dry.  Don’t write me a book for an email.  I don’t read those emails.

Go forth and push your book authors!

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Book Review – Big Rock

26252659. sy475 It’s not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It’s definitely the SIZE of the boat too.

And I’ve got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big c*&k.

You might think I’m an a*&hole. I sound like one, don’t I? I’m hot as sin, rich as heaven, smart as hell and hung like a horse.

Guess what? You haven’t heard my story before. Sure, I might be a playboy, like the NY gossip rags call me. But I’m the playboy who’s actually a great guy. Which makes me one of a kind.

The only trouble is, my dad needs me to cool it for a bit. With conservative investors in town wanting to buy his flagship Fifth Avenue jewelry store, he needs me not only to zip it up, but to look the part of the committed guy. Fine. I can do this for Dad. After all, I’ve got him to thank for the family jewels. So I ask my best friend and business partner to be my fiancée for the next week. Charlotte’s up for it. She has her own reasons for saying yes to wearing this big rock.

And pretty soon all this playing pretend in public leads to no pretending whatsoever in the bedroom, because she just can’t fake the kind of toe-curling, window-shattering orgasmic cries she makes as I take her to new heights between the sheets.

But I can’t seem to fake that I might be feeling something real for her.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into with this…big rock?

BIG ROCK is a standalone, dirty romance novel written from the guy’s POV by NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely


Feet Under Books!

4 Stars


This is a friend to lovers romance. Filled with flirty and hot chemistry, witty banter, and lies. Don’t let the lying part get you down, it’s an agreed upon arrangement between Spencer and Charlotte. Only can they keep the agreement, aka fake engagement rolling for a week while Spencer’s dad tries to seel his jewelry store? Can Spencer and Charlotte lie to everyone’s face in order to save the business deal? Or will someone find out and blackmail them? What about their true feelings towards each other?

Untitled design

This is a quick read. I was able to read it in 3.5 hours, while I sat by the pool. I couldn’t put the book down. I was rooting for Spencer and Charlotte from the beginning. They have a connection, chemistry, charisma if you will! I love them as a couple. Spence can be a little dense, like most men. But Charlotte is right there to explain it all to him.

Yes, I’ll be reading the other books in this series!!

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Excerpt – Total Surrender

TS - ANNot all fairy tales are sweet. 

Some fairy tales are dirty, sexy, and completely untamed. 


Total Surrender, an all-new steamy standalone from New York Times bestselling author Erika Wilde is available now! 


How far would you go to make the man that destroyed your family pay?


Maddux Wilder is a man consumed, a beast in a three-piece suit. Rich and powerful, he built his empire with one thought in mind: revenge.


After years of patience and planning, the wait is finally over. Tonight, Maddux will finally watch Theodore Cole’s kingdom crumble. At a lavish ball in the New York City castle the Wilder siblings call home, the man that killed their parents will atone for his sins. 


If only he’d planned for her. 


Arabella Cole is Theodore’s only child; his cherished and sheltered daughter. She’s an innocent, captivating beauty that would do anything to save her loving father, including sacrificing herself. 


With her freedom gone, she must surrender to a man she hates. A man that makes her want things she shouldn’t. A man that awakens deep, forbidden desires. 


But everyone knows that roses don’t bloom in darkness. 


Enter Maddux Wilder, a man that doesn’t believe in fairy tales. 


Can the beauty tame the beast or will revenge cost them both everything that matters most?



Arabella turned toward Maddux with tears glimmering in her beautiful blue eyes.  “Maddux . . . please . . .” she implored, so softly and so kindly even though he’d just announced his intentions to desecrate her dad.  “Whatever my father has done to earn your wrath, you can’t do this to him. He’ll never survive. He’s sick . . .” She took a step closer to his desk, brave and resolute despite the flicker of trepidation he saw in her gaze.  “Take me instead.”

Shock jarred through Maddux, but as a man who’d spent years perfecting a mask of control, neither his expression or body language betrayed that emotion.  This woman was willing to give up her own freedom for her father’s, and it was definitely an interesting turn of events he never saw coming.    

“Arabella, no,” her father uttered in horror.

Ignoring her father’s objections, Arabella held Maddux’s gaze steadily.  “In exchange for you leaving my father alone, I will do whatever it takes, and whatever you demand, to work off his debt.”

Maddux stared at the beautiful woman offering herself up to him, so sweet and naive in contrast to the dark, ruthless man he’d become.  While he originally wanted to crush Theodore, Maddux also realized that taking Arabella in exchange—his only daughter he adored—would be equally devastating to the other man.  How could Theodore live with himself knowing Arabella belonged to his greatest enemy solely because of his own weakness?

 “And how do you propose you work off your father’s debt, Bella?” he asked, curious to hear her answer, especially when his own mind was already listing all the different ways he’d enjoy having her at his beck and call. 

Bare shoulders held back, she swallowed hard, but her gaze remained bold and determined on his.  “I will do anything you ask of me.  I’m . . . I’m not afraid.”

God, the woman was fucking fearless, he thought, and he was drawn to that courage despite himself.  Unlike her father, or even Gavin, she was unwavering in her loyalty.   

“For Christ’s sake, Arabella,” Gavin shouted angrily, his face contorted with rage.  “He’s not going to ask you to cook and clean and wash his laundry for him! He will ruin you for any other man.”

Arabella turned her gaze to Gavin, her expression cool with resolve.  “Then so be it. It’s my choice to make.”

Gavin clenched his jaw and shifted his hot, angry gaze to Maddux.  “She clearly doesn’t know what she’s saying.”

“I know exactly what I’m saying, and what I’m doing,” she snapped at Gavin as she came to stand in front of him, poking her finger at his chest.  “Unlike you, I’m willing to stand up and put my father’s life and welfare before my own. I’ll do whatever it takes to relieve him of this burden.”

When Gavin said nothing else, Arabella whirled around to face Maddux again, the skirt of her voluminous ball gown swirling around her legs.  “I promise, you’ll have no trouble from me. I will work off his debt, in any way you demand, in exchange for his freedom. Just . . . let him go.  Please.”

Maddux could have denied her request and forged full steam ahead with the original plan, but everything about Arabella intrigued and tempted him.  He wanted her, desired her . . . plus there was the added bonus of Theodore thinking the worst was happening while his only daughter was under his care. The things the man would conjure in his mind would rip any decent father apart inside.  

Determined to keep the upper hand, Maddux strolled around his desk until he was standing in front of Arabella and she tipped her head back to meet his gaze, hers with bold resolve.  She’d clearly meant what she said when she’d told him she wasn’t afraid, and her tenacity made his dick twitch with the thought of taming that fiery attitude in the bedroom.   

Not giving a shit that both Theodore and Gavin watched, he reached out and brushed the backs of his fingers across Arabella’s smooth, silken cheek, immensely pleased to see a heated awareness flicker in her gaze, proof that persuading her into his bed wasn’t going to be all that difficult.  She might hate him for what he held over her father, but she wasn’t immune to the attraction between them.

“I’ll accept your offer, Bella,” he murmured, taking her chin between his thumb and forefinger, wanting this beautiful creature to look into his eyes and know exactly what he expected of her.  Wanted to make sure there was no mistaking what she was about to trade. “Your father’s freedom, for your total surrender. That is the deal.”


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Meet Erika Wilde

Erika Wilde is a New York Times Bestselling author. She is best known for her super sexy Marriage Diaries series and The Players Club series, and has also co-written the Dirty Sexy Series and the Book Boyfriend Series with Carly Phillips, her best friend and writing buddy for the past twenty years. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two daughters, and when she’s not writing you can find her exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For more information on her upcoming releases, please visit her website at and sign up for her mailing list for updates and news!


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MBBBF - CR banner


One minute, I’m a woman trying to find her way in the world, and the next, I’m the sender of six of the most embarrassing text messages that have ever been sent in the history of time—or the cell phone. 



My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend, a hilarious romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe, is coming July 18th and we have the fantastic new cover! 


Mabel “Maybe” Willis died a virgin at the very young age of twenty-four.

She leaves behind her parents, Betty and Bruce, her brother, Evan, a laptop filled with one too many Jason Momoa memes, and a Kindle library with more books than one human being could ever finish in a lifetime.

Cause of death: a text message.


Okay. So, I didn’t die.

But I may as well have.


One minute, I’m a woman trying to find her way in the world, and the next, I’m the sender of six of the most embarrassing text messages that have ever been sent in the history of time—or the cell phone. Whatever.


We’re talking code red, send a flipping mayday, the apocalypse is coming kind of texts.


And I didn’t just send them to some random person I’ll never see again.

No. That would be too easy.


I sent them to Milo Ives.


The man who played a starring role in all of my teenage fantasies—and my brother’s lifelong best friend.

And, boy oh boy, has he grown up.

He’s hard-bodied, blue-eyed, jawline-of-stone handsome, crazy successful, and has more money in his bank account than my brain can fathom.


Deflower me, please? I said.

Yeah. Send help.


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About Max Monroe:

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads. 


Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far. ​


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Book Review – Violet


I knew it would happen. I knew I’d meet her. The one. My one. I just didn’t know how it would manifest itself. For me, it was like this: My heart stopped beating for a second or two. Then, it started back up but in double time. I felt a little short of breath. I had to put my hand on something to keep myself from falling over so I leaned on the fireplace mantel at my big brother’s house. That’s where I first saw her. Spoke to her. Fell in love with her. Violet.
Unfortunately, it would take me longer than a day to convince her to trust my feelings. Hell, to trust me. My sweet Violet has a story. A not-so-good story. A story I wish I could go back in time and beat the ever-loving shit out of. Maybe fate will help me out. I mean, she brought me to my girl, maybe she’ll even let me slay Violet’s demons for her. Because I would. I’d sleigh anyone or anything if it means she could trust me. Love me. Hell, give me anything.

This series of novellas is about five sisters, their relationships with one another, and their crazy love lives. The books are short, sweet, and oh, so dirty.

Each book is a standalone with an HEA. You don’t have to read them in order but it helps because the stories overlap and intertwine.
**This book contains sensitive topics that some may find upsetting.**
Due to coarse language and sexual content, suitable for readers 18+

Note: These stories are for those of you who, like me, believe in love at first sight. I knew it when I met my husband and the very moment I held my daughter. It’s a thing. I swear.


Feet Under Books!

3.5 Stars

This is the first book of the Palmer Sister’s I’ve read.

Violet is a great character, she is fighting for her life. Years ago, she was a victim, no longer. Now Violet is taking back her power and is going to live her life. With the help of Eric, she can manage anything.

The reason I loved this book is Eric. He is patient, kind, loving, hard worker, etc. He is just what Violet needs. Because as Keely said, Vi is like an onion, she has many layers, some are sweet and some are sour, but Vi is a Vidalia onion. Eric goes slow with her, lets her set the boundaries, lets her lead the relationship.

With that being said, I think Vi was perfectly fine being alone with her animals because Eric and Vi wouldn’t communicate for a week. I know the phone works both ways, however, he was letting her set the pace. I’m not sure I would have waited around for Vi. Yeah, she’s nice, she’s great even, but she lives in her head to much.

The writing style was good, characters were plentiful. I don’t think I’ll go back and read the rest of the Palmer sister’s books. I met enough in this book to know, I’m good.


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