Book Review…HIT


I was never supposed to meet him, but one fateful night had him saving my life.

Now he thinks he owns me. I’m his to keep.

He’s ruthless, cold, and a killer, but something draws me to him anyway.

I know what he’s capable of. I know he was meant to kill me. And I know one wrong slip may make him change his mind about sparing my life.

But I want to test him, push him, be a part of his world.

I know I should be afraid. I know I should run. But something about Darragh has taken me over, and I don’t know how long I can resist . . .

A hitman.
A princess.
A forbidden romance.

All her life, Giuseppina Delarosa knew two things: what her father and brother did after dark was a secret, and her life was never her own. As the sole daughter of Don Delarosa’s clan, it was well known a marriage would secure the future of the family. But when she learns she’s to be wed to an infamous ally, Giuseppina has other plans.

Darragh O’Callaghan is good at exactly two things: not caring about anyone, and killing his enemies. The only Irish mafia in the city needs good enforcers to keep their borders, and Darragh does his job well. So he can’t understand why he screws it all up when a hit is placed on the Delarosa gang’s prime jewel: Giuseppina Delarosa.

One rainy night.
One decision not to kill.
One moment that changes everything.

Hit is a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, dark mafia romance. It is book one in the Mafia Born Duet.
5 stars of DELIGHT
I could NOT put this books down.

Pina is an Italian mob princess. She is set to marry a mob boss in an alliance, joining two Italian mob families. Only Pina doesn’t want to. With the help of her brother, she escapes, only to jump from one mistake to another one. With the help of her new captor – Darragh she learns and grows. It is with his hand and his guidance that she steps into her adult life and understands the famiglia. And her part in it.

Darragh isn’t planning on keeping Pina alive, but something tugs at him. Instead of killing her like Sean told him, he decides to help her seek revenge on the mob. Darragh trains her, feeds, her and forms an alliance with her. Together they will take down who needs to be taken down and in the meantime, they will fall in love. Or will they?

This is a woven tale of a girl hidden away from the brutality of the mob and a mob hitman. Their story is fragile and romantic at the same time. Pina grows as a person with the help of Darragh and Darragh learns to love and trust again. Can the two forge the alliance they want or will it turn into an alliance of want? 

Book Review…Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies

A bold new analysis of one of history’s most misrepresented women.
History has lied.
Anne Boleyn has been sold to us as a dark figure, a scheming seductress who bewitched Henry VIII into divorcing his queen and his church in an unprecedented display of passion. Quite the tragic love story, right?
In this electrifying exposé, Hayley Nolan explores for the first time the full, uncensored evidence of Anne Boleyn’s life and relationship with Henry VIII, revealing the shocking suppression of a powerful woman.
So leave all notions of outdated and romanticized folklore at the door and forget what you think you know about one of the Tudors’ most notorious queens. She may have been silenced for centuries, but this urgent book ensures Anne Boleyn’s voice is being heard now.
4 Stars

I follow the author on TikTok. I love her channel.

Being from America, anything I learned about the British monarchy came from TV. We didn’t study that in school unless it was about the war. So I have a very limited education on Henry and his many wives and his life. My fault – I accept that. And for that reason, I had NO idea that Anne didn’t seduce the King. I thought she and her family had a plan to get her or her sister in the bed of the King. And maybe they did plot that. I don’t know and neither does anyone else.

In this book, Anne Boleyn you get to know Anne. Who she was, how she was educated and how she stepped into the court of King Henry. Let’s face it, it is better to have her look like a harlot than the King appears to be a crazy lunatic – after all he is running the country. So history downplayed her and made her look terrible. Now that Hayley Nolan is bringing this to light, people are freaking out. And I’m not sure why. We all know he was a terrible person. Why not let Anne come to light as the great person she was? Why hide it? Why keep it a secret?

Courts at the time were filled with gossip, that was listened to as gospel. It was the biggest bullying circuit around. If one person didn’t like you, they went out of their way to give you bad PR and that’s what happened to Anne. This book proves she was a great person who could overshadow the King in a heartbeat and that couldn’t happen. He’d lose his power to a woman? NEVER!

If you like history, give it a try.

Books Books Books Event – 2022

Author Mary Walsh and I are busy planning the 2022 Books Books Books Event. We have the date – September 17th, 2022 and the location – Groff Event Center in Lancaster, PA! An author sign-up sheet is going around – here is the link if you are interested. LINK –

We are looking for all genres.

The table price is $100 for a 6′ table and 2 chairs. We are trying to keep the table price down!

Our Facebook group is –

If you have any questions – please reach out to

Hope to see you there!!

Book Review…Let’s Plan My Murder

Life is a thirsty hell, and people in it are monsters. Twenty-one-year-old Ava, however, thinks her life is perfect. She has a hands-on mother who is always available to help her at the drop of a dime. A famous boyfriend who most women would kill for. A promising career path striding her towards success. But then she meets him, Noah. A handsome man with a devilish smile and something to hide. He is not her friend. He is not her enemy. He is just the guy who persuades her to plan her own Murder. After listening to his argument, she can’t help but admit…he’s got a point.
4 Stars

This is NOT what I expected at all. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised.

Noah is my favorite character. He is well written and very dynamic. You don’t want to like him, but you do. Then you hate him but then come back around to like him. It’s hard to tell if he’s your friend or enemy. Noah is the epitome of FRENEMY.
This book sucked me in, I needed to know what was going to happen. Was perfect Ava going to fall for Noah’s plan? Or would she veer off onto a new path?

Book Review…Crafting Love

I, Kelly, am a small-town girl and love my small-town world. I get to work with two amazing, entrepreneur women. One makes wine, the other makes furniture, and I help to sell it all. On a sad, lonely night I bought myself a Cricut machine and haven’t looked back. Now people call me the Cricut Queen. I even have a YouTube channel with a few thousand followers. Some friends and family can’t grasp my need to stay busy. Nights can be very lonely and quiet.

A night of Karaoke changes everything.

Kirk draws me in at hello and I don’t want to look away. He’s everything a girl could want. Nice, funny, could dance alongside the boys in Magic Mike. Yes, that hot. He is also very good with his hands and offers to help fix my leaking basement with his cousin. A friendship is born.

Love is a touchy subject, but a relationship can’t be ignored.

Between my crazy girlfriends, a budding relationship, and a jealous woman, this decade is starting off on a wild ride. The real question is: who will make it to the end?
4.5 Stars

On my vacay to the OBX I took a handful of books. This was one of them and I’m so glad that I did! Be still my heart. I never read anything by AE Gamrat before. I’m now a HUGE fan.

Happy Birthday, Kelly! On the cusp of her 30th birthday, Kelly has a great job, a wonderful family, and good friends. Her college friend Grace is planning a ‘surprise party. Actually, a party to find Kelly a man that Grace approves of. Only Kelly ends up talking to Kirk, not the man Grace intended. Oh well, sometimes life takes a different turn.

Kirk is new to town and staying with Kelly’s cousin. His job starts soon and then he should be able to move out. Then he meets Kelly. He’s not looking for love or romance. Yet, she pulls him in and he wants it. Kirk is just out of a bad situation, Kelly is too. So neither are ready to jump into the frying pan. Yet the chemistry is there. Everyone can feel it.

This is a clean, feel-good book! I adore Kelly and her creativity and her ability to trust again after a bad relationship. She knew Kirk was meant for her. It’s adorable. It restores your faith in love!