Praying for Rain by BB Easton

44064905“None of this matters, and we’re all going to die.”

With only three days left until the predicted apocalypse, the small town of Franklin Springs, Georgia, has become a wasteland of abandoned cars, abandoned homes, abandoned businesses, and abandoned people. People like Rainbow Williams.

Rain isn’t afraid of dying. In fact, she’s looking forward to it. If she can just outrun her pain until April 23, she’ll never have to feel it at all.

Wes Parker has survived every horrible thing this life has thrown at him with nothing more than his resourcefulness and disarming good looks. Why should the end of the world be any different? All he needs are some basic supplies, shelter, and a sucker willing to help him out, which is exactly what he finds when he returns to his hometown of Franklin Springs.

As society crumbles, dangers mount, and secrets refuse to stay buried, two lost souls are thrust together in a twist of fate—one who will do anything to survive and one who can’t wait to die.

Perhaps, together, they can learn how to live.

Before their time runs out.

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Where to start. I loved this book, I love Rain and Wes and the crappy little town. I’m so ready for book #2 – when does that come out? SOMEONE?! Anyone?? Help a girl out over here.

The end is coming April 23rd. The world is in a panic over this. People are dying by their own hands, they are struggling to cope. Rain is just medicating herself to numb the pain of everything. She’s alone. Her boyfriend left for Tennessee to be with his family. Her own family, they don’t care. Then she meets Wes, who kidnaps her and uses her as a bargaining chip for what he needs. Yet, he also protects her and keeps her around. As his sidekick? Sidepiece? Who knows. But Rain is like a little puppy who enjoys the attention.

There are few days left and when he gets the opportunity to kidnap a girl and use her as a hostage, he takes it. Wes needs 3 things and none are a complication named Rain. Yet, he can’t seem to set her free. There is something about her, something that keeps pulling him in. What Wes doesn’t want to admit is that Rain is helping him. He’s still bitter and cruel sometimes, but he always comes for her. Now with a few moments left can he keep them both alive? And what about the crazies in town?

First I must say I do love me a good apocalypse book and this is one of them. It had all the elements I crave – life or death situations, chemistry, a broody male, a sweet female, and a count down clock. Second, I was unable to put this book down. From page one I was hooked on finding out what was really going to happen. Third, Wes.

The characters are great, even the secondary characters are good. The way BB Easton writes made me feel like I grew up in the town, that I knew where the hardware store was, the grocery store and I knew all the people who used to live there. Rain does a great job of making you feel welcome into her hometown.

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Book Review – Nectar by DD Price

38894032Kyla Spencer refuses to feel. Feelings are messy; they’re painful; they hold you back. Due to a painful past and secrets she wants to stay buried she keeps everyone at arm’s length. But then when she is abducted and presented as a gift to Tristan, a bored vampire prince who is destined to become a king, she has to face a few facts. Beyond facing that vampires are real Kyla has to face emotions that Tristan won’t let her run from.

Tristan is a vampire with a ravenous but insatiable appetite. For ten years he hasn’t once had his hunger sated. He feeds constantly, looking for satisfaction, and because his favourite way to feed is to feed during sex he goes through a lot of women. But then Kyla is brought to him as a gift to celebrate a promotion and from the second their eyes lock he knows there’s something different about her. After he gets a taste of Kyla neither of them will ever be the same.

“Between the taste of you, the taste of your blood, and the way you look at me, I haven’t felt this… alive… in… maybe ever.”

Books 2 & 3 avaiable.

Trigger warnings: Explicit sex scenes. Copious amounts of blood. Some dubious consent, an ending that could be troubling to those who are squeamish about blood. If you don’t love vampire alpha males who are also sweet and swoony nymphomaniacs, maybe you should give this one a miss…

6 Feet Under Books (1)

4 stars

ok, let me take a breath and get myself together.

Kyla is a tough cookie, she’s been through a lot and trusts no one. Not even herself. She is kidnapped and taken to a vampire house – a sexy vampire who can’t control her. She doesn’t trust him either. Kyla is part of a big vicious circle. His kisses, his fingers, and just himself try to break through to her. But the instinct to run, to survive is strong in Kyla. When she runs it doesn’t end well. Trust is broken between them. Can she earn it back? And can they figure out what this push/pull relationship is all about?

Tristan is Vampire Royalty – only he’s off his game with Kyla around. Her blood is like a vamp drug and he can’t get enough.  She is the nectar and he is the bee.  Tristan is the opposite of calm, cool, & collected. He is ravenous, high, and demanding when he drinks Kyla’s blood. He isn’t going to let her go, but he can’t put her in a trance either, so there needs to be a balance. Only she is making it hard for him at every turn. No one else can have her, she is his and his alone. When will she understand that? Can’t she feel his love for her? Slowly Tristan breaks down her walls and immerses himself into her life. But for how long?

This book starts off hard and just keeps going. I will admit I did get tired of Kyla’s shit after a while. She is untrusting and unloving. The last 25% of the I was hooked on every word, watching how this all played out. Could they be together? Was Joe going to do something stupid? what about Tristan or Kyla herself? Who can be trusted and who is just playing a game?

This is a cliffhanger! UGH. Kick me in the gut why don’t you?! But I will be reading book #2 in this series. Hoping and praying for the best.

Note to DD Price, I’d love to see Sam get his own book. I love him. 🙂

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Instinct by Loki Renard

44168251He is Savage. Dominant. Primitive. I am a slave to his instinct.

In the year 10,442, humanity is a space-faring race.
We do not have sex, and we certainly do not breed.

I am an observer, a young woman alone in space, being punished for her sins. My sentence is to observe a remote planet where it is rumored an old Earth ship crashed thousands of years ago. According to records, there were no survivors.

The records were wrong.

While in orbit around the planet, I am hit. My shuttle crashes.

Zion, the beast of a man who pulls me from the wreckage and sets about making me his own does not know that my people do not engage in sexual activity. He doesn’t understand that reproduction is expressly forbidden. All he knows is that he wants me.

My untouched body will be his in every way imaginable. He will mate me over and over. He will fill me with his seed until my belly swells. When I defy him, I will be punished shamefully and thoroughly until I give him the submission he demands.

But there are even more dangerous things in the universe than Zion. My people will come for me, and when they do, even my primitive beast of a man might not be enough to save me from their wrath.

6 Feet Under Books (1)

4 Stars

Strange things lurk in the stars around us. Tselia is sent to observe a planet. Report back if life is found, but NOT to engage. The planet and people could be compromised by her. Only she doesn’t listen, she is fascinated by the humanoids on the planet and decides to venture closer only to be hurled from the air onto the planet. It’s there that she meets Zion, a huge man who declares her as HIS. He protects her, feeds her, loves her, and punishes her. Tselia doesn’t understand what he is doing, she just keeps fighting him. It’s not until they talk of her father, Patron and how mad he is going to be at her, does she seem to understand Zion better. He claims her days and nights. She is happy to hand them over to him if only he’d let her go back to her ship and leave.

Zion has the star girl, she is now his. She fights him over everything and must be punished. His body craves her and he will have her, but she will beg him for his seed. Zion will teach her the way of his village and keep her safe. Returning home to the stars is no longer an option for his star girl. She will stand and make babies with him, die with him, and love him. When push comes to shove with Tselia want to stay with him or return home? She is his, but does she understand that?

Zion is a grade A neanderthal. The planet isn’t as evolved at Tselia is used to. They are simple people with no technology, they live off the land and survive as our neanderthal ancestors would have. Only the women are hunters and the men as used for sex until they mate. Once they mate they are off the market and are 100% committed to their partners.

I will say I love a good Sci-fi romance book. This hit most of the marks for me. Good world building, great male character who took what he wanted, climax at the end. But Tselia was my only issue, I felt like her age of 18 was too young. All in all a great story, great background on Tselia. You really understand where she is coming from and how she feels and why she does the stuff she does.

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Billionaire 42 by Anna Lores

44034708A woman willing to bare it all. A man ready to do whatever it takes. Two people, driven to the brink by desperation.

Lissa Trade wants love, marriage, and a family with her billionaire boss. But, seducing him proves to be impossible, and she’s done waiting. A virgin, she signs up to star on a private, live-stream, matchmaking show. With a billionaire businessman as her lover and the promise of a pregnancy, Lissa hopes to finally have a bundle of joy to love more than the sun, moon, and stars…

Business mogul Blake Greystoke thinks he’s too old for the one woman who makes his heart skip a beat. But when he finds out she’s going on a sensual, online reality show, he throws caution to the wind for a chance to win her heart, and make his dreams of a family with her come true.

Will the steamy, reality live-stream bring them a happily ever after, or tear them apart?

Billionaire 42 is the first of a series of standalone, spicy contemporary romance novellas. If you like sexy stories with billionaire bosses and their smart and sassy virgins, you’re going to love Anna Lores’s fun, risqué read.


6 Feet Under Books (1)

3.5 stars

Lissa is hot for her boss. She runs his day to day life, knows his ins and outs. Yet she can’t get him to look at her. *SIGH* There are things that Lissa wants in life; a baby, husband, a white house with a picket fence. So she is taking matters into her own hands…and agrees to be on a TV show that will match her with a Billionaire who will give her a baby. Plus she has a degree to finish, so Liss takes a leave of absence from her boss, Blake and pursues some of her dreams. What happens when she gets her wish? What about Blake?

He can’t let her do this! It’s craziness. He wants her, but she is so young. Blake throws caution to the wind and joins the cast for the same TV show as Lissa and becomes her Billionaire. He has to play it cool until he can tell her. Blake wants Liss. He loves her. She is HIS! He is lost without her and wants her back in his life any way that he can get her. When he finally does tell her will he lose her forever? Will his love scare her away?

This is 86 pages of sex and filler. Lissa has a bad backstory that isn’t really flushed out – yes something bad did happen. Blake is 40 and he does try with Lissa. Yet to me their relationship feels forced. Blake is trying to hard to keep her when he really doesn’t need to. She isn’t going anywhere.  It’s super frustrating to me when both characters like each other but can’t make a move.  Lissa has made plenty of moves, but Blake is stubborn and thinks he’s too old.

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Running Elk by Elizabeth Anne Porter

44143388The times are changing faster than Running Elk can keep up with. Every day when the Comanche wakes up, there are fewer buffalo and more white settlers invading the plains where he and his people make their home. Angered as he is by the relentless assault on the land he loves, Running Elk doesn’t think about the differences between his people and the settlers when he spots Alexandria Standish picking flowers one day. The woman’s beauty bowls him over, and Running Elk knows he’ll never be the same again, just like he knows he won’t be able to avoid seeking her out, again and again, no matter the consequences.
Alexandria doesn’t know what to think when she encounters the quiet, handsome Comanche warrior just beyond her wagon train’s encampment. She’s never met anyone who makes her feel this way—not even her husband, who is more brother to her than lover, truthfully. But Running Elk stirs something in her … something she can’t let go of, no matter what. And when he kisses her for the first time, she knows that her world has been forever changed.
Will their love be able to conquer the tide of change sweeping across the country, threatening the only life Running Elk and his tribe have ever known?


6 Feet Under Books (1)

3 stars

Running Elk is a proud warrior for his Native American Comanche tribe. Yet he falls under the spell of a white woman. He must have her. He must make her his. Only she has a man and he has a wife. Yet he won’t give her up. When he finally meets her at the edge of the water, he needs to be with her. After that he goes away on a raid, leaving her in the care of his nephew – a tender young man. Running Elk loses Two Fires, the white woman, to a Kiowa. They have a treaty, Running Elk has no claim on Two Flames. Every time he gets close enough to get Two Flames, something gets in his way. Honestly, it’s like the gods are trying to tell him, they shouldn’t be together and he isn’t getting it. He persists. Can he ever have a life with Two Fires? Or will their life consists of quick moments, glances, and passing each other?

Alexandria Standish is not afraid of the Native American before her. She is intrigued by him. When she lays down for him, she does it willingly and happily. Because he is what he wants. At every turn, there is an obstacle keeping her from him. When she is captured and forced to live with Standing Bear, she agrees to live with him and raise the child. He loves her very much and wishes to make her his wife. Two Fires never forgets the love she has for Running Elk, not even when she is with Standing Bear or when the white men come to take her. He is what keeps her alive. Will she ever see him alive again?

Ok, while I did enjoy this book I had some misgivings too. Apparently, Alexandria is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL that all the men want her. Must be slim pickings. Even the ending, yeah is a HEA, but there isn’t much interaction between Two Fires and Running Elk. The little bit that there is, is fraught with disaster.

I loved the setting, the secondary characters, and the details of this story. I just wish Two Fires and Running Elk could have had more time together in the book and less struggling.  All in all this book, this story just wasn’t for me.

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