Kiss of Moonlight (Lucani Lovers, #1) by Stephanie Julian

6 Feet Under Books

3 Stars

The other day I whispered that I wanted a shifter book to read. Not 10 minutes later I get an email request to share this book on my social media. It was kismet!

Tam is trying to heal, mentally, physically, & emotionally. After being attacked and raped, she goes to a quiet spot and befriends a dog, who she pours her secrets into. Not know that the dog isn’t really a dog until the dog knows everything about it. When Tam meets Kyle there is an instant connection with him. She forgets how bad she is hurt and yearns for him and his touch. But is it too much too soon? And can Tam accept him for who he is?

Injure, frail, and delicate. Kyle isn’t sure how to handle Tamra. The lost pup that his daughter Cat brought home. He does know that Tam is his and he’s never letting her go. He’ll die before that happens. Getting her to love and trust him are going to take time. But she responds to his touch willingly. Can he get her to stay with him? And what about their secret? Can she be trusted with that too?

I was surprised at how accepting Tam is of everything. She accepted everything. I expected more distrust from her because of what happened to her. Then again Kyle and Cat never gave her a reason to fear them. Great story and won’t take you long to read. Steamy. Kyle is a good Alpha, he knows when to push and how hard. I did enjoy how this wasn’t your usual wolf shifter with an alpha, but with a King bloodline.

With that being said, I would have liked to have known more about what happened to Tam. Was it someone she knew. What happened to the King? Where’s he go? Why did no one question Kyle about it? There was a lot going on, but somethings needed to be answered.