Book Review – Three Alpha Romeo – Krista Wolf

45169315We shared the same grim goal: the destruction of Xander Kyrkos. It was only a matter of time before we shared each other…

Two gorgeous Navy SEALS, with the same grim vendetta. A strapping Army Ranger on a mission of unimaginable vengeance. They saved me from my own destruction. Took me under their wing… and then into their beds, as well.

Now they share me together, mind, body, and soul. As girlfriend. As lover. As the partner who binds them, writhing helplessly beneath their panty-dropping good looks and dripping hot touch.

Holden is the square-jawed leader, strong and beautiful, tormented by an inescapable past. Randall is the pilot – a total loose cannon – sharp-tongued, tattooed, and devilishly handsome. Finally there’s Marcus, the silent giant with a chest and shoulders to die for. An ex-Army Ranger turned dark mercenary, struggling desperately to right his wrongs.

Four damaged people, bound by the same promise of revenge. Coming together after having our lives shattered by three horrific events… forged by the fires of tragedy and passion, into unstoppable weapons to accomplish our ultimate goal.

Can one girl be this insanely lucky? And can four lost souls pull love – and a sizzling hot reverse harem arrangement – from the dark depths of utter despair?

THREE ALPHA ROMEO is a sizzling, stand-alone military reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and sweltering MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, hot enough to melt your kindle. HEA guaranteed!


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4 Stars

Four lives forever entwined due to one very bad man.

Andrea is searching for the man who killed her father. She is so close to finding him, so close to ending this nightmare. Only to have him slip out of her grasp. Needing to escape quickly she is befriended by two men looking for the same man, Xander Kyrkos – with the same plan as Andrea. Find and destroy. It’s not long for Andrea to fall into a routine with the two guys, in bed and out of it.

Holden & Randall are ex-SEALS. They’ve been in battle more times than they can count. They’ve also shared a lot of things. Even women. So when they share Andrea it’s no big deal to them, no jealousy, no greed, just lust. But they can’t lose their main focus – Xander. He screwed them over and killed half their men, just because. Now it was time for paybacks.

Marcus, Army Ranger, finds Andrea and the two men. It’s not hard. He is an ex-employee of Kyrkos and has details that the others don’t. He’s also on the run from the Indigo gang because he left them. Andrea remembers him from her night at Kyrkos’ house. It was Marcus! All 3 men fall into an easy rhythm of life with Andrea and each other. Their main goal is to find Kyrkos and destroy him. But what happens when Xander kidnaps Andrea and figures out who she is? Can her 3 men find her and save her in time?

This is a face paced book, with lots of action – fighting and sexual action. The plot of the book was good, the ending surprised me because usually, that’s not what happens. But this is a book and you can end it how you want. I think out of all her men Marcus is my fav, then Holden, and finally Randall – he’s crazy.

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