Book Review – Bound to the Battle God

When I went to my neighbor’s apartment to investigate strange sounds, I never expected to fall through a portal into another world. Yet here I am, a stranger in an even stranger land… and I’m stranded. In this world, might makes right, men carry swords, and gods walk the earth. Within minutes of arriving, I’m enslaved!

Fun place…

How do I get home? GREAT question. Wish I had an answer!

The one person that might be able to help me is also the one person I want to throttle most. Aron, Lord of Storms, Butcher God of Battle, is my new companion. Or rather, I’m his. As Aron’s anchor to the mortal realm, I’m the one that’s supposed to be guiding him through his exile in the mortal world…

Ha. Joke’s on him. I know nothing about this place!

But Aron and I have a common goal – get home. And we’re bonded – anchor and god – with a bond unlike any other. So we travel together. We bicker. We bathe together. We fight our many, many enemies together. And sure, he’s a god, but he’s also an arrogant jerk. Brawny, smoking hot, irresistible jerk. I should want nothing to do with him. I certainly shouldn’t want to do things to him…

Mortals and gods don’t mix. We stick to the plan and ignore our attraction. Focused, with one goal in mind…

One task… 
One goal… 

I-oh heck, I’m going to end up kissing him again, aren’t I?

Feet Under Books!

4 Stars

I had a hard time getting into this book, but once I got over the hump I couldn’t put it down. I had a love/hate relationship with Aron.

Faith is unceremoniously dropped into a new realm/era if you will. She is plucked up and sold as a slave – an offering to the Lord of Storms. Only she ends up offering herself to him as an anchor instead of a sacrifice. Through their travels to find the other pieces of Aron; Lord of Storms and Battle, they meet up with other Gods. Faith is not a warrior or a fighter. She is Aron’s anchor to the mortal realm. She must stay alive, to serve Aron. As they pass through the mortal plane, trying to figure out their next step. Faith falls for Aron. Yet doesn’t understand why he is not into her. But God’s don’t love, do they? Faith is the only one who can help Aron ascend to the Aether. Will she sacrifice it all for him? Or will she go back home to Earth?

The Lord of Storms forbids Faith to die, that he will keep her safe. Yet he is not prepared for what lies ahead for him and his anchor. The challenges he must face alone. As well as her challenges to him. He faces a lot of obstacles if he is to make it back in one piece. Can he do it with his army? And what about Faith once he returns home? What is her fate?

Untitled design.png

This story is told by Faith. It’s her struggles and witty comebacks that keeps this story moving along. Because she doesn’t just roll over and take his crap. God or not, he is not her God. Faith has her own agenda as the story progresses and you will be torn in her choices just like she is.

The book is very lengthy and some of the fat could have been trimmed, but honestly, it’s a good book! This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Ruby Dixon. I will read more, she is the queen of making you wait out the good stuff.

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Instinct by Loki Renard

44168251He is Savage. Dominant. Primitive. I am a slave to his instinct.

In the year 10,442, humanity is a space-faring race.
We do not have sex, and we certainly do not breed.

I am an observer, a young woman alone in space, being punished for her sins. My sentence is to observe a remote planet where it is rumored an old Earth ship crashed thousands of years ago. According to records, there were no survivors.

The records were wrong.

While in orbit around the planet, I am hit. My shuttle crashes.

Zion, the beast of a man who pulls me from the wreckage and sets about making me his own does not know that my people do not engage in sexual activity. He doesn’t understand that reproduction is expressly forbidden. All he knows is that he wants me.

My untouched body will be his in every way imaginable. He will mate me over and over. He will fill me with his seed until my belly swells. When I defy him, I will be punished shamefully and thoroughly until I give him the submission he demands.

But there are even more dangerous things in the universe than Zion. My people will come for me, and when they do, even my primitive beast of a man might not be enough to save me from their wrath.

6 Feet Under Books (1)

4 Stars

Strange things lurk in the stars around us. Tselia is sent to observe a planet. Report back if life is found, but NOT to engage. The planet and people could be compromised by her. Only she doesn’t listen, she is fascinated by the humanoids on the planet and decides to venture closer only to be hurled from the air onto the planet. It’s there that she meets Zion, a huge man who declares her as HIS. He protects her, feeds her, loves her, and punishes her. Tselia doesn’t understand what he is doing, she just keeps fighting him. It’s not until they talk of her father, Patron and how mad he is going to be at her, does she seem to understand Zion better. He claims her days and nights. She is happy to hand them over to him if only he’d let her go back to her ship and leave.

Zion has the star girl, she is now his. She fights him over everything and must be punished. His body craves her and he will have her, but she will beg him for his seed. Zion will teach her the way of his village and keep her safe. Returning home to the stars is no longer an option for his star girl. She will stand and make babies with him, die with him, and love him. When push comes to shove with Tselia want to stay with him or return home? She is his, but does she understand that?

Zion is a grade A neanderthal. The planet isn’t as evolved at Tselia is used to. They are simple people with no technology, they live off the land and survive as our neanderthal ancestors would have. Only the women are hunters and the men as used for sex until they mate. Once they mate they are off the market and are 100% committed to their partners.

I will say I love a good Sci-fi romance book. This hit most of the marks for me. Good world building, great male character who took what he wanted, climax at the end. But Tselia was my only issue, I felt like her age of 18 was too young. All in all a great story, great background on Tselia. You really understand where she is coming from and how she feels and why she does the stuff she does.

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The Kraken’s Mate by Susan Trombley

40190027The sequel to The Scorpion’s Mate…
A desperate escape from a prison cell inside an alien research facility leaves Joanie in the clutches of an alien with a handsome face, a great body, and tentacles that could have come out of a horror movie. Her life back on Earth is a mess, but nowhere near as complicated as her new situation becomes when the alien test subject named Nemon decides that she’s his mate.

Nemon knows that Joanie is the mate he’s hoping for as soon as Thrax hands her to him, but he can also see that she’s frightened and traumatized. He must win a battle against his own body—which has a mind of its own—to maintain control, so he can win her trust and avoid frightening her further. His newfound friends warn him that Joanie will need time to accept him, and Nemon is willing to wait, but they all may have underestimated Joanie.

They have escaped their fate as Iriduan test subjects, but Nemon and Joanie can’t escape the legacy left behind by their captors. A legacy that brings them together—a legacy that also threatens to tear them apart.

Author’s Note: 18+ This book contains explicit scenes unsuitable for younger readers.


6 Feet Under Books (1)

3 Stars

Joanie is an Earthling, she was kidnapped and on a research vessel in space. Injecting her with who knows what. But she is sure she is dying. Before her death, the ship is highjacked and she is ‘rescued’ by another set of aliens. Hybrid aliens. The one sworn to protect her is half man, have octopi. The human parts are dreamy, but the octopi parts are not so much. Joanie gets to know the octoman, Nemon and realizes that he sees her as his mate. She is drawn to him also. But WTF? Can this work out? Can Joanie get out of her own headspace and accept Nemon for himself??

Nemon wants Joanie from the moment his tentacles touch her. She is his mate! HIS! After he saves her from a horrible death they learn each other in the ships hold. Joanie makes him feel like there is hope out there for him. She accepts him. Together they find out that his Father was using Nemon for his science and that Nemon isn’t his real son. In the end, Joanie and Nemon make the magic happen. And that’s what counts.

Love story aboard a spaceship. It was a good book, I did skim because it got to be too much information about stuff I didn’t care about. Sex was ok, it didn’t hit all 5 of my senses and was a little gross. I liked Nemon for how shy and backward he was. Not an Alpha by any means, but he still loved and adored Joanie. That’s what counted. Yes, this book had a HEA.

Would I read more of this series? Maybe. But not right now. I never read the first book in this series and that didn’t make any difference.

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Snatched by Alien Slavers by HH MacFarlane

33874493Franki has just survived the crappiest date ever and has sworn never to use a dating app again and then her car breaks down. When she steps out of the car she is snatched by aliens and knocked out cold. When she wakes, she finds she will be fighting for her life in arena style death matches.

The Destroyer, a sexy Mordolvian with silver skin and blue tattoo’s, is intrigued by the gutsy human that has just been brought into the cages. As time passes he finds he more than wants to save this human, he wants to keep her.

They must survive the fights and escape these slavers. Their adventures are just beginning…

***This book is meant for readers over the age of 18. There is explicit language, adult situations, and adult content. If this makes you uncomfortable, please pass on this book. If not, happy reading!!***

6 Feet Under Books (1)

3 stars

Franki is kidnapped. By an alien who is going to force her to fight for her life. If she wins, great, she gets to fight another day. If she dies, oh well. Someone will replace her. In the cell, she meets other females species. They too much fight. One fighter is kept chained to his cell – The Destroyer. He is feared. Once they find out Franki is a healer, they stop making her fight. As long as the fighters are alive, she will be alive. Franki wants out and she knows the Destroyer does too. They make a plan and try to escape.

The Destroyer knows he wants her as soon as he sees her. She isn’t afraid, she is a fighter, just like him. With her help, they are able to get free and make it off the ship to his planet. Along the way, he claims her as his mate and things start ramping up. They aren’t home free yet, because a crazy female on his planet has designs to make D her mate. Can Franki and D survive this mess?

I loved the beginning of the book, where they had to fight for their lives, it was action packed and kept me interested. Once they were on his planet I kind of lost interest. Even with Carnella. She just didn’t do it for me. It was a weak subplot and one I’ve read countless times before.

Feral by Sara Fields


He warned me what would happen if he lost control. I didn’t listen.

He told me to stay away from him, that if I got too close he would not be able to stop himself. He would pin me down and take me so fiercely my throat would be sore from screaming before he finished wringing one savage, desperate climax after another from my helpless, quivering body.

Part of me was terrified, but another part needed to know if he would truly throw me to the ground, mount me, and rut me like a wild animal, longer and harder than any human ever could.

Now, as the feral beast flips me over to claim me even more shamefully when I’ve already been used more thoroughly than I imagined possible, I wonder if I should have listened to him…

Publisher’s Note: Feral includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.Excerpt

I whimpered, and he touched me again, sliding his thumb from the top of my cleft to my forbidden hole. The suction portion of his cock pumped once, then twice over top of my clit, leaving me panting and desperate for more. I felt the toll of my shame, but still, my body was responding to every last second of it. I wanted it and I needed more of it.

“Please,” I begged, unsure of exactly what I was asking for anymore.

6 Feet Under Books

5 STEAMY Stars

Cosmina is a journalist, hot on the trail of a new case. She is on Echelon 67, lots of creepy stuff happened here. She finds evidence of the gene therapy they were doing, only to have it torn away when the security team finds her. Then she meets a test subject, a large menacing half man, half beast with red skin and glowing eyes. Not scary at all. Only he wants her for his own feral needs. Luckily for her, Axel stops him in time. To the victor goes the spoils.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are a must see on any trip to New Zealand.  They are INCREDIBLE!  Click through to read the full post!

Cosmina is now in the caves with Axel, half man/beast, only more man this time. With him, she discovers and understands her needs and wants. Can she trust him? Or is he just as bad as his brother? And what is going to happen to the Echelon 67?

This book is steamy and sexy and full of lust. Axel can’t get enough of Cosmina, his Hellcat and she is the same with him. He is an alpha who will take charge and punish her if she disobeys his commands. He’s an alien DOM! *WINK WINK*

The pace of this book is good. You are pulled into the story and kept moving right along with it. Never did I feel like it was moving to fast or that something was missing. Delicious in every sense. This is my first Sara Fields book, but NOT my last.

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