Feral by Sara Fields


He warned me what would happen if he lost control. I didn’t listen.

He told me to stay away from him, that if I got too close he would not be able to stop himself. He would pin me down and take me so fiercely my throat would be sore from screaming before he finished wringing one savage, desperate climax after another from my helpless, quivering body.

Part of me was terrified, but another part needed to know if he would truly throw me to the ground, mount me, and rut me like a wild animal, longer and harder than any human ever could.

Now, as the feral beast flips me over to claim me even more shamefully when I’ve already been used more thoroughly than I imagined possible, I wonder if I should have listened to him…

Publisher’s Note: Feral includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.Excerpt

I whimpered, and he touched me again, sliding his thumb from the top of my cleft to my forbidden hole. The suction portion of his cock pumped once, then twice over top of my clit, leaving me panting and desperate for more. I felt the toll of my shame, but still, my body was responding to every last second of it. I wanted it and I needed more of it.

“Please,” I begged, unsure of exactly what I was asking for anymore.

6 Feet Under Books

5 STEAMY Stars

Cosmina is a journalist, hot on the trail of a new case. She is on Echelon 67, lots of creepy stuff happened here. She finds evidence of the gene therapy they were doing, only to have it torn away when the security team finds her. Then she meets a test subject, a large menacing half man, half beast with red skin and glowing eyes. Not scary at all. Only he wants her for his own feral needs. Luckily for her, Axel stops him in time. To the victor goes the spoils.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are a must see on any trip to New Zealand.  They are INCREDIBLE!  Click through to read the full post!

Cosmina is now in the caves with Axel, half man/beast, only more man this time. With him, she discovers and understands her needs and wants. Can she trust him? Or is he just as bad as his brother? And what is going to happen to the Echelon 67?

This book is steamy and sexy and full of lust. Axel can’t get enough of Cosmina, his Hellcat and she is the same with him. He is an alpha who will take charge and punish her if she disobeys his commands. He’s an alien DOM! *WINK WINK*

The pace of this book is good. You are pulled into the story and kept moving right along with it. Never did I feel like it was moving to fast or that something was missing. Delicious in every sense. This is my first Sara Fields book, but NOT my last.

© 2019, Amy Garnet, All Rights Reserved

Teach Me Sweetly by Abby Gale


When I accepted the teaching position in a town the size of my thumb,
all I cared about was making some money until I was ready to pursue my dream.

My time here was supposed to have an expiration date.
My plan was simple.

Until her.
The girl with a cupcake and fascinating sadness.
Her beauty got my attention first, then her loneliness and melancholy captivated me.
Her words and pain fed my interest, but it was her heart that sealed my fate.

I came to this town with no expectations.
But I didn’t know my dream and muse was waiting for me in a school uniform.

6 Feet Under Books

3 Stars

Teacher and student romance.  This is a novella, that moves pretty quickly.  Steamy in some parts, both characters are 18+.

Eva is lonely, her parents are workaholics. School is not a refuge for her, she is ostracized and gossiped about. Celebrating her birthday alone, she meets a bad boy, only to find out that he is her English teacher. What happens next is a whirlwind of desire, lust, and passion. They need each other like their next breath. This is a small town, surely word will get around about what is going on and when it does what will happen?

Elijah is writing his novel. Only he needs money to survive, so he takes a teaching job. Only to find out that the hottie at the bar is a student of his. OUCH! He finds out that he’ll be staying at a guest house at Eva’s family manor. This only leads to more temptation on his part. She’s so close to him now, it doesn’t take much for his resolve to snap and for him to claim Eva as his own. When Eva is threatened and his job is on the line, Eli stands up for Eva. For the first time, someone stands up for Eva.

I enjoyed this book. There were places where I needed to reread some dialect because it didn’t make sense. Overall I enjoyed the story and the characters. I did like Elijah and that he stood up for Eva when no one else would. Her parents, even at the end didn’t seem to care.

Rum & Coke by Kimberly Knight

42614220*This romance novel contains explicit content and is not advised for readers under 18*


Not everything goes as planned …

Vincent Reed always believed he’d play professional volleyball in the Olympics, but when he’s injured his sophomore year of college, his dreams are crushed and he loses his scholarship. Instead of dropping out of school, Vinny began working as a male escort to pay for his education and fulfill his new dream of teaching children. Enjoying the life of luxury and travel, Vinny continues moonlighting as a male escort after graduation. He has everything he could ever need.

Everything happens for a reason …

Teresa Stewart never planned to get pregnant before she was married. She also didn’t plan for the father of her baby to die in combat before she could even tell him the news. Struggling to feed herself and her son, Colton, Tessa moves to Las Vegas where she hopes the cost of living will be cheaper and she’ll find a job in a popular hotel. But finding a job isn’t easy for Tessa, and a neighbor soon convinces her that stripping is the best way to make the money she needs to provide for her small family. All of life’s puzzle pieces are starting to come together, but Tessa knows something is still missing.

They say best friends make the best lovers …

At a bachelor party for his co-worker, Vinny meets Tessa. The sexual attraction is undeniable, but they each have something holding them back from moving forward. They grow even closer when Vinny becomes Colton’s teacher, and it seems as though all the pieces are finally falling into place.

However, sometimes the best-laid plans turn to hell …

Because murder will change everything.


6 Feet Under Books

3 Stars

Single mom Tessa is making a new start in Vegas with her son Colt. She takes a job as a stripper at a local club. On a side gig she meets Vinny, a male escort. She’s not looking for a boyfriend or a complication. She has her son to look after. As things go, her boss, Sebastian keeps offering her side gigs to be his arm candy. This can’t end well! Tessa is swept up into the drama that surrounds Sebastian and his business. Now she’s a prisoner. What about Vinny? What about Colt and his future?

Vinny isn’t looking for a complication. But when he sees Tessa dancing at his friend’s bachelor party he can’t help but want that complication in his life. Quickly he steps up his game to get to know her better. Only he falls for her and her son. When she is torn away from him, his world collapses and he’s not sure what to do or how to get her back. Can love prevail? Does she even want him?

While I did enjoy this story, it was a little too predictable. Once you find out Vinny’s real job you know what’s going to happen. Then from there its basically a somber story of getting back together when things don’t work out. I like certain parts of the book. Other parts I was bored with. It was just an okay story. The parts I loved were when Vinny and Colt were working together. It was a sexy, steamy book. The just okay parts were the parts where someone followed her, some of the parts with her boss. It just didn’t catch me like I was hoping it would.

The characters were okay. Tessa is very naive, I felt terrible for her. Vinny is a great book boyfriend, he is caring and considerate and loving, great with kids. See great on paper!

Rescued by the Woodsman by Ms Parker

This is a huge mistake.

Not only flying in a tiny airplane over the Rockies in a storm but also making this move to Denver in the first place. To work a job that would make my boyfriend my new boss.

Defini37939194tely a mistake.

But not as big a mistake as living with my pretentious parents who want to control everything about my life.

Stella Best is relocating from New York to live with her boyfriend, Aaron McMann, in Denver. En route, however, a sudden storm causes the small propeller plane to crash, stranding her in the Rocky Mountains. Surviving the crash, Stella now faces the blistering cold, as well as wild animals who see her as easy prey.

But Stella is not the only person on the mountain. Rescued by Lukas, a brawny woodsman of few words, she must now share a small cabin with the scruffy, but handsome, man until the storm clears.

Will Lukas get Stella safely to Denver, and if he does, will she be able to forget the rugged woodsman who saved her life?

Don’t miss Rescued by the Woodsman, a new stand-alone romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, M. S. Parker.


6 Feet Under Books

3.5 Stars

Stella just graduated from college and now is embarking on a new life in a new city, with a new job, and her same old boyfriend. Only she doesn’t make it. Ends up in a plane crash meeting Lukas. While encamped with him, she learns a dirty secret. After being rescued she heads to her job, where she finds out the company has been bought out and her boyfriend is a jerk. The latter making the most impact on her. Lukas purchased the company she is working for and they are going on a retreat for team building! HOORAY!! There Lukas and Stella make their move. With his past will it last? What does Stella want?

He can’t just let her go. There is something about her. But he has so many secrets in his past that he isn’t sure what will happen between him and Stella. What happens when she learns about his dominance? That alone could scare her off. What about the rest, that lies just under his skin, itching to come out? What then? She’ll run from the hills. Or maybe she won’t because he’ll have to let her go before anything serious can develop between them.

I loved the BDSM part, where it fell apart for me, was all the complications that Lukas has created in his life. I’m not going to spoil it for you. Sweet baby Jesus, some of those scenes are amazing. Pure gold. But the rest of the story around it, is just ehh. I would have loved if Stella had lunch with Aunt Millie and told her what was going on with her and Aaron and her and Lukas, I’m sure Aunt Millie would have had some GREAT insight into the ‘problems’. But we never revisit her again.

Badd Business by Jacinda Wilder

42422335Remington Badd…he’s just as big, just as BADD, just as foul-mouthed and filthy-minded as his brother Roman. But under that rough and wild exterior lies a secret.

Juneau Isaac, a Yup’ik Inuit, is the daughter of a hiking guide father and a mother who creates works of art and sells it to the tourists. The first to go to college—the first to leave her family’s ancestral home near Ketchikan—Juneau feels a deep sense of obligation to her family, to ignore the real passion that beats inside her.

A roughneck smokejumper with an artist’s soul hidden deep inside. An artist living a false life, harboring secrets and fostering forbidden passions.

Can these two find their way to living their truths while navigating the tumultuous waters of a whirlwind romance? In a battle between familial obligation and secret dreams, will there be room for love—not to mention the wild intensity of uncontrollable lust—in these closed-off hearts?


6 Feet Under Books

3 Stars

Remington Badd falls hard for Juneau Isaac in this story.

They meet at the hospital, where his dad is being treated. Rem makes a fool of himself at the hospital. When he sees Juneau again he is unprepared for what he sees. He likes it a little too much! His pursuit of Juneau is childish at best, with the taunts and how he acts around her. Juneau isn’t true to herself. She is living a lie. Her real passion isn’t law, its art. Only that’s now what her family wants her to do. Things between Juneau and Rem heat up. Will it be a one night stand like Juneau thinks and Rem hopes? Or will this be a lasting relationship?

I wasn’t a fan of Remington. He was too childish for me. I found nothing appealing about him, other than his longevity. But he was crude and rude, I saw no appeal to that. Kudos for Juneau who did. She was rather boring herself. In the end, I did like her, but it was sad that she couldn’t just be herself all the time. I felt terrible for her.

I highly doubt that I will be reading any more from this series.