6 Questions with…Posy Roberts

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  1. Favorite Character to write and why?


From Lonely Hearts ~ a novella bundle, my favorite character has to be Cas Elias, from Stroke of Luck. First, he’s sassy and quirky, but also quite insecure, which occasionally comes off as bravado. But he’s also a rich, deeply emotional character filled with hope despite having it trampled on by external factors he has little control over: lovers assuming he’s cheating only because he’s bisexual, or they jump to conclusions about his close friendship with his ex-girlfriend/bestie/roomie, Maisie. All that put together made him a fun character to write.


He’s truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, so I have a lot of empathy for him despite the defensiveness that pops out from time to time. When we first meet Cas, he’s in the process of disengaging from Maisie but trying very hard to do so while not messing up their friendship. Not an easy feat. When he meets Marc, he has even more motivation to get out of that enmeshed relationship with Maisie. Marc is someone he wants to build a life with, but there are several obstacles in the way of their happily ever after. It was fun to watch Cas grow throughout that process.


  1. Do you have a Playlist?


I can’t write to music because my mind gets pulled there over words any day. I think I was born singing; music was my first language, so while it’s important to me, it fully engages my brain. I do, however, have some songs that get me in the mood to write. While working on Lonely Hearts, I played Panic! at the Disco’s album Pray for the Wicked, and there’s a little nod to that in the book. When I originally wrote Love on a Battlefield, the last book in the bundle, I created a playlist for that, which you can find right here.


  1. What are you currently reading?


For my own fun/enrichment, I’m reading Fool Proof Dictation by Christopher Downing so I can up my word count in the coming year. I have twenty-odd books on my planning calendar, and as soon as I get some free time—LOL—I need to write, write, write. I’m also an editor, so I’ve been busy helping other MM Romance authors get their stories ready for publication, most recently N.R. Walker’s Nova Praetorian and Anyta Sunday’s Pisces Hooks Taurus.


  1. An author you think we should all know about.


I love the storytelling of Teegan Loy. I’ve been reading her stuff for years, and she never fails to get me to LOL and cry, often in the same book, sometimes in the same scene. I’m sucked into her realistic characters’ lives and can truly escape my own troubles. On top of that, she writes fantastic sports romance, and I love her hockey romances. She clearly knows the game well.


  1. What inspired these books?


Each novella took on a life of its own. The oldest is Love on a Battlefield; though it was published most recently, I wrote in in 2009. It was short in its original form, and when I revisited it, I realized it was just a seed of a story. That’s true for Momo, My Everything, as well. That was written next and was also much shorter. When coming back to both of these, I saw the potential I hadn’t been brave enough to explore yet when I first started writing MM Romance, so I expanded each story to what you read today.


Bent Arrow was inspired by what happened back in my home state of North Dakota with the oil boom. The sleepy prairie was inundated with a massive population boost, which changed the landscape of the state, both physically and socially. There were growing pains, and I wanted to set a story in the midst of that, but also mirror the virtual adolescence of North Dakota through my character Luther. He grows up tremendously during the story. At the start, he’s juvenile, wants zero responsibility, and because of how taboo being gay still is in North Dakota, he’s closeted with no plans to ever come out, left in the limbo of perpetual adolescence until Erik inspires him to grow up and make some changes.


And Stroke of Luck was based on a series of real-life events. I wanted to play with the notion of luck—both good and bad—chance, and fate. The story is set at Halloween, and Marc has had an apartment fire, so he heads to Goodwill to stock a kitchen and he runs into Cas, looking for costumes with his bestie. Cas has had a run of bad luck in the dating department, so they both start off the story down on their luck. Fate keeps pushing them back together in this meet-cute, and despite them tripping all over each other several times, eventually their timing is right. 😉


  1. WIP?


I’m currently working on my third book in the Naked Organics series, titled Fresh Earth. This shifts the series narrative over to Charlie and Leo, so the first two books stand alone. Farm Fresh and Picked Fresh focus on Jude & Hudson’s relationship. And I hope to get the fourth and final book, Fresh Shares, completed before next summer.


I have three stand-alone series in the planning stages, and I’d love to write a few follow-up tales from my North Star Trilogy world. The one in the works is Hugo teaching Brooke how to drive a car, and it does not go well, much like my own experience with my daughter. LOL. I also have a fun crossover I’d like to do with Hugo & Kevin from North Star and Cas & Marc from Stroke of Luck. Who knows what time will allow? But I’ll keep on planning.


I hope you give this novella bundle a chance. Each story will take about two hours to read, depending on your speed, so they’re great for waiting rooms, standing in line to vote, or sitting in the parking lot while waiting for kids. It’s also available in a paperback that comes in at around 400 pages, just to give you an idea of the length.



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