Robot Daddy by Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison



“You must find a different way to deal with your stress over this weekend. Smoking is not acceptable.” His voice was a warm rumble. “I think you will find that this spanking does nicely to calm you down. The pain of a spanking releases endorphins that bind to opiate receptors and reduce stress and anxiety. Of course, you are the scientist here, not me, so it seems like you would already know this stuff.”

“I’m not calm! Your scientific facts are nothing but mumbo jumbo,” I yelled as I struggled against his tight hold.

This, of course, did nothing to appease him or change his mind about a spanking providing stress relief. Instead, he began to spank harder and with renewed vigor. I could feel my ass begin to sting, even though I had three layers of protection, with my dress, stockings, and panties.

We were in a secluded rest stop off the highway, and I could hear the cars whizzing by. The ideas of getting caught made my heart race, and my panties dampen.

“Rob! Stop! Someone is going to pull in here any minute, and they will call the cops on you for assault.”

He didn’t stop, or even slow down, but I could hear the smirk in his voice when he responded. “I’m a robot. If they arrest me, it’s going to be a far bigger problem for you than it will be for me, I assure you.”

Damn. He had a point. It was like with every smack of his hand, all the blood rushed to my head, and every lick of sense I had went out the window by way of my dripping pussy.

“Rob, please stop. It hurts, and I get it and I won’t smoke again, I promise. And we’re going to be late, and I don’t want anyone to see me out here getting spanked, and my hair is going to be messed up, and my makeup will be ruined, and it’s freaking cold out here!” I was at this point, throwing out everything I could think of in the hopes that something would work.

It didn’t.

“Stop with the excuses, little girl. We are going to get one thing straight and we are going to get it straight right now. If you want this to end, you will listen up, and listen good.”

“Okay,” I whimpered.

“Yes, Daddy,” he corrected me.


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