Book Review – A Gray Christmas

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Hooking up with your best friend’s brother is a big no-no, but when Nora gets invited to spend the holidays in Venice, she comes face to face with the star of many of her fantasies, Grayson Pierce. She’s harbored feelings for him since she was a teenager, but he is absolutely off limits.
All she has to do is survive her Christmas vacation and then she can put him out of her mind, but things are never that simple. Nora can’t stop old feelings from resurfacing and the more she tries to stay away from Gray, the more she wants him.
Can Nora and Gray build a relationship when the two live on separate continents? And what happens when her bestie finds out that she’s sleeping with her brother?

*This is a 13,900 word stand alone short story*



Feet Under Books!

4 Stars


This is a short story about Christmas and romance! What’s not to love right?

Maren talks her BFF, Nora into traveling to Venice for Christmas. It’s where Maren and her brother, Gray currently live. Two weeks of fun with her BFF, Nora heads over. What she doesn’t bargain for is the attraction between her and Gray. When things heat up, Nora is worried that Maren with be mad at her. Would Maren stand in the way of Gray and Nora’s happiness? Surely the spirit of Christmas and love would win!

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This is a sweet romance set around my favorite holiday! WIN-WIN!! The characters are great and the setting is perfect. I couldn’t help but be drawn in.

Love Hallmark Christmas shows? This story is PERFECT for you!

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