Book Review…Jinx

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A woman with nowhere to call home…

Roxanne rolls onto Galveston Island with nothing to her name save her car and her rescued (read: stolen) pitbull, Zeus. Low and behold, the very first person she meets is perhaps the last person she should.

A man desperate to keep his home…

As the president of the Mischief Makers MC, Jinx is battling the Beachside Bangers and their cartel ties to keep his idyllic island safe. The last thing he needs is a woman who won’t listen and her huge monster of a dog taking his time and attention.

The battle of a lifetime…

As these two find their way to each other, tragedy looms on the horizon, and the brothers of this MC and their allies are going to battle.

Unfortunately, the good guys don’t always win…

Jinx is book one of the Mischief Makers MC by Flora Burgos and is a stand-alone romance. 


Feet Under Books!

4 Stars

I was in a book funk. I haven’t been able to read.

Yesterday I grabbed this book, thinking I’d give it a try. I’m so glad that I did. While I sunned by the pool I read the book.

Roxanne and Zeus are running away from their past. Zeus as a failed fighting dog and Roxanna from a crappy boyfriend. When her car breaks down a biker, Jinx stops to help her. Jinx follows her to town, where he recommends her to get a motel room. Only she doesn’t. Zeus and Roxanne sleep in her car. Then she runs into Jinx again and her life changes. For the better?? Only time will tell. And what about her past?

Jinx is surprised when Roxanne rolls into his garage to get her car fixed. It’s obvious to him, that she needs a job and he can help her. He offers her a job at the garage and a room at his place. She accepts the job, but not the place to live. When Jinx finds out that Sweetness – Roxanne – has a run-in with a rival gang, he jumps in with both feet to save her. Because she is HIS.

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This is a good short story. It was enough to keep me interested and reading the book to the end. I will read more by Flora Burgos.



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