Book Review – Property of The Mountain Man…

Tall, dark and muscled like a god, Beau Barnett is great with an axe. Every woman in Rockhead Point wants a taste of the mountain man. Including me.
Except he doesn’t even know my name. I’m just the girl behind the counter filling his coffee, while he grunts and grumbles, barely making eye contact.
Then a newcomer with a charming smile and a fancy suit shows up in Rockhead Point, and refuses to take no for an answer when he asks me to dinner.
That’s when I find out Mr. Mountain Man not only knows my name… he thinks I’m his property.

Book Review –

5 Stars of Deliciousness

This is how you write an Alpha male who loves and respects his woman. Yes, he’s possessive and overbearing, but Beau loves Bonnie. Hands down.

Beau knew he was in trouble when another man looked at her. Hell no. Bonnie is his! Beau’s inner caveman roared to life. He just needs to get her onboard with him. He’s got plans for them that includes, but not limited to; his bed, life together and love!

For years Bonnie pined over Beau! Now he barreled into her life and took over. Ordering her around and treating her amazing. Wait, what??? It’s bad enough that her brother treats her like a child, now Beau is ordering her around. The difference is she likes it when Beau does it. She likes a lot of what he says and does. But not when he’s bossy. Bonnie learns to set boundaries with him. When Beau loves, he loves hard!!

This is my first book by Gemma Weir but not my last! I’m super excited for the next book to come out!!! OMG!!!! I’m pumped.

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