Book Review – BEAR

47329074. sy475 When I first laid eyes on Meghan Evergreen, that was it for me.
That’s where my life began.
She was everything I ever wanted.
Sweet, kind, loving, willing to put up with my a**.
Love at first sight. It was real and she was it.
I felt it in my bones.
I wanted to build a home with her, and I thought she wanted the same.
But like everything in my life, all good things come to an end.
And she was the one who tore it all apart.
Now, ten years later, she decides to barge into my life again.
She’s full of lies and deceit, secrets she keeps buried deep inside.
Secrets I need to know.
I’ll fight this feeling. I won’t give in.
I lost Meg once,
And she took my life with her,
But when the devil appears and wants to harm her,
I’ll do anything to protect her,
Even if it means losing myself to a long-lost love.
A love that could destroy me if I let it.


Feet Under Books!

3 Stars

Bear is doing a job for the MC when he comes across Meg. She is a waitress and beautiful. She’d never be interested in him. When Bear sees the town Sheriff Jeb, manhandle Meg, he steps in. That’s his chance to protect her. Things heat up between Bear and Meg, but then she disappears from his life for the next 10 years. Those 10 years are hell on Bear. Wondering what happened to her. Where she is at. He’s a mess and then she reappears at his club. Hiding those last 10 years from him. Why can’t she open up? Why can’t he forgive?

Meg thought she did the right thing when she ran off. She was protecting them both from the horrible sh*t Jeb was going to rain down on them. Year after year, Jeb was one step behind her. Then she winds up at Bear’s clubhouse, running the bar. She’s too afraid to tell Bear the truth of why she ran, but it all comes out. Can she get Bear to understand why she did what she did? What will their future hold?

I liked this story between Bear and Meg. They paired nicely together, like beer and pizza. The subplot was a little boring and slow. But the rest was good.

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