Book Review – Where and When

Where or When by [Walsh, Mary]Shannon O’Sullivan meets Declan Maguire on the night of their friend’s birthday party and they are instantly drawn to each other. Over the course of the next few months, they continue to run into each other and fall head over f*cking heels. Did Shannon and Declan meet before in another time? In another place? Was it somewhere that love spanned centuries, where intense passion defined every moment? Was serendipity pushing them to be together? But Shannon is engaged to Noah and he is all she has ever known for three years. Does she really love him? Is Noah so safe that Shannon convinces herself she found happiness? Does she go with her heart or her mind? Who does she choose? EROTICA – For mature audiences only.


Feet Under Books!


4 Stars

I read this book twice, once while Mary was writing it and then once when it was published.

This is the love story between two ill-fated lovers. It’s never the right where or when for them. Their lives intertwine over and over, but never at a time when it all falls together. It’s a romance through the times of their lives. They start out as college kids and progress to adults, with children of their own. Can they eventually get together? Or will fate and the cosmos keep them apart, only to dream about each other for eternity?

There is always that one that got away. This is Shannon and Declan’s story. Of wrong times, of missed chances, and maybe never a happily ever after for them. You travel the ups and downs as they move through life.

The characters are realistic and could be anyone. The dialog and story move along at a good pace. I never felt rushed or sluggish at any point in the story. I needed to know what was going to happen for Shannon and Declan. Could the stars align and bring them eternal happiness?

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