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All I want is to survive him.
All he wants is everything.

It’s been two years since my horrendous, soap-opera worthy split from my ex-fiancé, and I’m finally ready to give love another shot. I think. Maybe.

What I’m not ready for is Alexander Hughes, billionaire bachelor playboy with more charisma in one pinkie than my ex possessed in full. For some reason beyond logic, Alex is determined to have me. And not just my body, either. He wants to dissemble a lifetime of carefully constructed armor and shine light on what’s beneath. My soft underbelly. My deepest secrets. My frightened heart.

No thanks.

Despite my wishes, fate is determined to put us on a collision course. Dominant, demanding, and disarmingly kind, Alex is an emotional hurricane I can’t outrun. All I can do is try.

Standalone, HEA. Intended for a mature audience. 18+


Feet Under Books!

4 Stars

Another great story from LM Halloran. I love the characters that she creates. Frankly, if I could live in a book, I’d want to live in one that Ms. Halloran created.

Thea was raised by a socialite mother. A woman who climbed the ranks with her banker husband, who wanted nothing to do with it. Like everyone, he played his part, just like Thea did. With a steeled spin she walks among the wealthy and powerful. She has two sides like a coin. One is her true self and the other is the mask she slips on. Then she meets her match in Alex, a man who she desires and loves. When the house of cards around Thea crumbles, will Alex be there to help her or will he walk away?

She is a breath of fresh air. She denies him. She is two people. The one he desires and the one who she pretends to be. Thea Sands. Ms. Sands. The woman who will turn Alexander Hughes into a mess. She meets him head-on at every turn he takes. Yet, when push comes to shove he steps back and gives Thea her space. No matter what Thea Sands is not getting away from him. They are like magnets drawn together. Can she trust him enough to let him in? Can he prove himself worthy enough for her love?

Untitled design

I love Thea and Alex. He gives, she pushes. She pushes, he takes and gives. I love how patient Alex is with Thea. Yet, I didn’t like how they communicated sometimes. Ask. Just ask. The dance wasn’t between Thea, Damien, and Alex. Damien wasn’t even at the party. It was always Thea and Alex.

The writing and characters are very LM Halloran. She has her own style. The characters are flawed and lovable because they are so real. They could be anyone I know. Which makes it such a great read. I can’t wait to start book #2


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