Book Review…Mayfly Hollow

It began as a typical day…

Fiercely independent bakery owner Kate Halloran likes her life the way it is. Casual sex suits her to a T. Work hard, play hard is Kate’s motto. No strings. No demands. No obligations. The ties that bind chafe. She learned a long time ago that the only person she can depend on is herself—and that’s just fine thank you very much.

Then a fast-acting highly contagious novel virus sweeps the globe, ushering a nationwide lockdown. Violence erupts in the streets. Chaos reigns. With the population decimated, Kate’s self-sufficiency kicks into overdrive as she fears she’s the sole survivor. When the dead awaken, Kate becomes prey. Desperate and hunted, she undertakes a dangerous journey—fleeing to the only refuge she knows.

The sanctuary of Mayfly Hollow isn’t without its perils. Can the other survivors there be trusted? And what about the mysterious cowboy called Teller, who gets under her skin like no man ever has? There’s more to him than meets the eye—she can’t help but wonder how much of his aww shucks routine is genuine.

As threats close in on every side, can Kate set aside her complicated past to navigate the new world order? 

4 stars

Kate is a loner, she can only depend on herself. Until the world as she knows it turns upside down in an instant. Then she needs to rely on other people to keep her alive. A virus is spreading, killing people and reviving them to zombies. She isn’t safe alone. Kate knows she needs to get to Mayfly Hollow, her sister’s place.

Mayfly Hollow is a safe haven for Kate and a bunch of other characters. There is some stress with the misfits at the farm. Especially with Kate’s sister, Connie’s husband. He’s not too fond of Kate and her independence. He’s a religious zealot that wants total submission from everyone on the compound. Things are rough for sure. Could she survive here with this group of people and their way of life? Or will she have to go back to being alone. She can’t leave her sister, or the others. Kate steps up and does what she needs to do, in order for all the survivors to live.

Teller and Kate grow close. Not everyone is happy about it. When Kate’s past shows up at the gate, she has a lot to figure out. Will her past hold her back from her future? Or will Kate be willing to jump to the future and not look back?

Outside the gate another battle raging. Zombies vs Humans. Humans Vs. Humans. How is humanity going to survive?

I love a good apocalypse/zombie story and this didn’t let me down. There were some surprises that popped up that I really enjoyed. There were some slow parts, but those were the serious parts. So they needed to be slowed down and not packed full of action and so intense. I felt a connection with Kate. She’s independent and relies on no one.

The writing was good and kept me included in the story. The ending was NOT what I expected at all. I’m hoping there are more books for Mayfly Hollow.

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