Revealing Him by Jennifer Domenico

42434200A DILF Mania Collaboration.

Detach. Withdraw. Conceal.

I’m intimately familiar with these words since locking my true desires away so many years ago. My friends will tell you I’m a widower, a successful entrepreneur, more than a little stubborn, but mostly, a devoted father. One label they would never assign to me is the one I keep hidden.

My son was my priority, but now that he’s an adult, it’s my time. Only I’m not looking for anything more than some casual fun. No strings attached. No secrets shared. No closets opened. My heart, like my truth, will stay safely locked away.

Until Sebastian came along. He’s my complete opposite, yet the connection is undeniable. Because of him, I’m embracing a life I never knew I needed. We still have so much to overcome, including the biggest challenge of all- revealing to my son that not only am I gay, but that he and Sebastian are the same age.

**This is a standalone MM novella intended for mature readers.**


6 Feet Under Books

3 Stars

Dom has spent years of his life, lying to himself and those around him. When his wife learns the truth about him being gay, she is more sympathetic to him than he thinks she should be. What he doesn’t understand is that she loves him and their child and accepts him for who he is. With her death, Dom throws himself into his business and raising their son, DJ. It’s only why DJ is out of the house that Dom joins a dating site and meets Sebastian, a young stud.

This is instant-love. Sebastian falls hard and fast for Dom. While Dom tries to play it cool. Sadly it doesn’t work. Dom tries to be the dom that Sebastian wants/needs, but he falls short in that area too. I did enjoy the story and the steaminess, but overall it was just ok. 


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