Book Reviews 101 – Star quality

I’ve had some questions asking how I define a 5-star review.  What does the book have to have, have to be in order for me to dole out a 5-star review?

Here are my review guidelines that I try to follow.  There are times, that even if the book has good grammar, spelling, and just minor issues, that I will still give it a lesser star.  This is due to me not enjoying the book.  These are my opinions of the books that I’m reading.  My opinion.  Does that mean you won’t enjoy the book, who knows?  If it sounds interesting to you pick it up and give it a try.


1-star review – This book has poor grammar, bad spelling, poor character development, etc.  At least once while reading, I scratch my head and think WTF?  The plot has too many holes and I just can’t.

2-Star Review –  I enjoyed a few aspects of your book, but for the most part the book was a wash for me.  Yes, I championed through it, hoping it would eventually get better.  This book still has grammar issues, that should have been caught by an editor/beta reader/ARC reader.  I might have skimmed part of the book, due to redundancy or boredom.

3-Star Review – I liked your book.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.  There might have been some minor issues with the book.  All in all, it was a good solid book.   A 3-star review is a GOOD review, I enjoyed your book.

4-Star Review –   Your book hooked me right from the beginning.  It’s has a good reading pace, good character development.  I will recommend this book to others.  However, in a week will I remember this book?  Probably not.  I won’t reread this book, but I still enjoyed it.

5-Star Review – Amazing book, that I will shout from the rooftops about!  Because I want other people to read it too!  The pace is good.  Great character development.  I      couldn’t put y our book down.  It hit me right in the feelings!  Yes, I will re-read this book over and over.


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