Book Review…Irresistible Demise

48986255._SY475_Irresistible Demise by Carly Spade

If you’re looking for the kind of story about a naïve virgin who doesn’t like alcohol, scrunches her nose at cigarettes, or doesn’t believe vampires exist…this isn’t the story for you.

Oh, vampires? I know they exist because I had the displeasure of meeting some when I was a kid. Don’t worry, they’re all dead.

I’m not a kid anymore. I’m a red-blooded woman with a “glamorous” bartending job at a place called After Midnight, and I thought fangers were but a distant memory. Until he walked in. Tall, pale, and far too handsome for his own undead good. Between the insults tossed back and forth, caught gazes and fleeting touches that made my skin electrify as much as it made it crawl…he came with a warning. An unwanted visitor was on its way to town, and my name had been whispered in passing. With a name like Freya, it was hard to forget.

This time around I have friends to help me keep the arrogant vampire at arm’s length…or at least neck’s length. Not to mention any other creepy crawlies who emerge from the night. I may be nocturnal, but I’ll be damned if I ever let the night claim me.

IRRESISTIBLE DEMISE is the first in the After Midnight series. If you’re a fan paranormal romance, urban fantasy, the enemies to lovers trope, and/or a bit of mythology/magic, this is a new series for you!

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I love a good vampire story and this was a good vampire story.  I loved the action, the characters, the romance, but the pace was slow at first to build up any kind of action.  That was all saved for the end of the book for the battle.  The first half of the book drug for me.  I wanted more.  There was little to no build-up at the beginning of the book, just hints and whispers.

Freya is amazing and fierce.  She doesn’t back down from a challenge, which I love.  Marcus is a legendary vamp, who is a man of mystery – to a point.  Adam, he throws me for a loop.  I think he’s secretly in love with Freya, just doesn’t know how to vocalize it to her.  Rose, she is the BEST!!  I hope she is in the next book and the rest of the series.  In fact, she should be made into a vampire.

Ten years ago, Freya killed 3 vamps that attacked her family.  Now the vamps are back and they brought an ancient friend with to the fight.  Not fair right?  Right.  With the help of her paranormal friends, can Freya save herself, the city of Pittsburgh, and her friends?  Or will she go down in a puff of smoke?

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Marcus is intrigued by this mortal.  Could the stories about her ancestor be true?  Freya, the mortal is proving to be a tough nut to crack, so maybe they are.  He can’t steer clear of her.  He wants to protect.  Can he protect her if he can’t protect himself?  Marcus needs to ban together with another supe in hopes of saving the world.

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