Amy Cole is Zen as F*ck by Elizabeth McGivern

A feel good read to make you laugh-out-loud – Misfits Farm



Ding Dong the bitch is dead

The inner bitch, that is 

It’s been almost two years since Amy Cole walked through the door of her therapist’s office and now she’s ready to emerge as the sane, zen-like woman she has always wanted to be. Unfortunately for Amy, life has the nasty habit of not playing along.

There’s no time for a quiet life with a business to run, family life to balance and a newly-single best friend to keep an eye on.From getting embroiled in a feud with a maniacal diet guru, making sure Elle isn’t murdered by strangers from the internet and dealing with the mother-in-law from hell, mayhem always seems to find a way into Amy’s life.

Elle De Bruyn is on the cusp of finalising her divorce and is ready to jump, head-first, into dating once again. She soon learns that finding love in the 21st century is a tricky business. She lives in hope that somewhere in between the liars, cheats and unsolicited dick pics there’s still a chance for one more great love affair.

With life in a constant state of chaos, it doesn’t take long for Amy to realise that therapy was the easy part and now it’s time for the real work to begin.

Is sanity really all it’s cracked up to be?

Praise for Elizabeth McGivern & The Amy Cole Series

‘I just adore the character of Amy…a really cracking story’ Claire Allan, Sunday Times Best-Selling Author

‘Fantastically written characters & an engaging storyline…I c

ouldn’t put this book down’ – Frasers Funhouse

‘I was in hysterics for most of the time I was reading it  – Portable Magic

‘I’ve been in need of a good laugh & this book really did deliver’ – Goodreads Reviewer

‘Amy Cole is every wife, mother, daughter & survivor out there’– Amazon Reviewer

‘Elizabeth McGivern is a gifted writer that takes a difficult subject matter and managed to mix it with wonderful dashes of humour’ – Reflections of a Reader

Books in the Amy Cole Series: 

Amy Cole has lost her mind
Amy Cole is Zen as F*ck
Amy Cole has it all figured out (2019)


6 Feet Under Books

5 Stars

Thank you, Ms. McGivern, for reaching out to me for a book review.  I’m so glad that you did!  I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for book #3 in the series!

Amy Cole is done with therapy and is ready to get back into the world and live her life. Only life tosses her a few lemons. Thanks to therapy and her BFF, Elle, she will be able to cope, at least she hopes she can!!

Amy is not prepared to deal with certain things in her life, but she runs headfirst into them, proving that she is a capable woman. From the Mother in law who chews her down every chance she gets, to a fat shammer that had me in tears with laughter, and online dating with flaky Elle. Amy navigates these shark-infested waters, keeper herself, her children, her husband and those around her alive.

I love when Amy is honest with everyone. She says the exact thing that people are thinking but censors themselves. Not Amy. Nope. She goes with it. Her mother in law never stood a chance. NEVER! I will never say the word Pineapple again without laughing hysterically. Read the first book, grab the second book, and sit around and wait with me for the third book!!

The writing in this book has a great pace and will keep you guessing as to what will happen next. The characters are all relatable and spot on. Elle is flaky, crazy, but a loyal friend who loves Amy. She’s trying to do right but goes about it the wrong way sometimes. She’s getting there slowly but surely she is getting there. 

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