Running Elk by Elizabeth Anne Porter

44143388The times are changing faster than Running Elk can keep up with. Every day when the Comanche wakes up, there are fewer buffalo and more white settlers invading the plains where he and his people make their home. Angered as he is by the relentless assault on the land he loves, Running Elk doesn’t think about the differences between his people and the settlers when he spots Alexandria Standish picking flowers one day. The woman’s beauty bowls him over, and Running Elk knows he’ll never be the same again, just like he knows he won’t be able to avoid seeking her out, again and again, no matter the consequences.
Alexandria doesn’t know what to think when she encounters the quiet, handsome Comanche warrior just beyond her wagon train’s encampment. She’s never met anyone who makes her feel this way—not even her husband, who is more brother to her than lover, truthfully. But Running Elk stirs something in her … something she can’t let go of, no matter what. And when he kisses her for the first time, she knows that her world has been forever changed.
Will their love be able to conquer the tide of change sweeping across the country, threatening the only life Running Elk and his tribe have ever known?


6 Feet Under Books (1)

3 stars

Running Elk is a proud warrior for his Native American Comanche tribe. Yet he falls under the spell of a white woman. He must have her. He must make her his. Only she has a man and he has a wife. Yet he won’t give her up. When he finally meets her at the edge of the water, he needs to be with her. After that he goes away on a raid, leaving her in the care of his nephew – a tender young man. Running Elk loses Two Fires, the white woman, to a Kiowa. They have a treaty, Running Elk has no claim on Two Flames. Every time he gets close enough to get Two Flames, something gets in his way. Honestly, it’s like the gods are trying to tell him, they shouldn’t be together and he isn’t getting it. He persists. Can he ever have a life with Two Fires? Or will their life consists of quick moments, glances, and passing each other?

Alexandria Standish is not afraid of the Native American before her. She is intrigued by him. When she lays down for him, she does it willingly and happily. Because he is what he wants. At every turn, there is an obstacle keeping her from him. When she is captured and forced to live with Standing Bear, she agrees to live with him and raise the child. He loves her very much and wishes to make her his wife. Two Fires never forgets the love she has for Running Elk, not even when she is with Standing Bear or when the white men come to take her. He is what keeps her alive. Will she ever see him alive again?

Ok, while I did enjoy this book I had some misgivings too. Apparently, Alexandria is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL that all the men want her. Must be slim pickings. Even the ending, yeah is a HEA, but there isn’t much interaction between Two Fires and Running Elk. The little bit that there is, is fraught with disaster.

I loved the setting, the secondary characters, and the details of this story. I just wish Two Fires and Running Elk could have had more time together in the book and less struggling.  All in all this book, this story just wasn’t for me.

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